10 Awesome Gadgets from Aliexpress!

• Drone – http://ali.ski/0ZV7Q
• Vegetable wrapper – http://ali.ski/xzPdQ
• Speaker – http://ali.ski/2jq0eg
• Rubber Gun – http://ali.ski/2yS2A
• USB Card – http://ali.ski/JTeSDP
• Bird – http://ali.ski/eL0Zm
• Soap dispenser – http://ali.ski/G7LwY
• Stirling Engine – http://ali.ski/3H0dJ
• Wine cork – http://ali.ski/MYJivu
• Nozzle – http://ali.ski/F8xWs
• Screwdrivers set – http://ali.ski/21kLq
• Motorized Screwdrivers set – http://ali.ski/2yBHeZ


muic: epidemicsounds.com


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  1. Not a native english speaker myself, so really can't catch some of the jokes made. Anyway gonna check out the grinder, soap dispenser, usb, cork and screwdriver thanks 4 sharing.

  2. 5:20 improvement idea for sterling engine. Chinese producers do read. How about a copper pad for a cup + copper rod connecting + another copper pad for sterling engine? The idea comes from computers. You have a GPU and a CPU sitting on one copper plate aka heatsink and then a cooler fan. By the same token, heat can be transferred to the sterling engine to the cup.

    I would refrain from putting this engine on my cup for bacterial reasons. Though, I would if it was standing next to it on a copper.


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