What If You Could Get AirPods For Only $40?

I bought these fake Apple AirPods from a Chinese e-commerce site for around $40. So how do they stack up against the legit Apple AirPods? There’s only one way to find out, $40 fake AirPods vs $159 official Apple AirPods. Here we go!

The AirPod inspired earbuds in this video are also stocked on Amazon from time to time. Check back at this link for inventory – http://amzn.to/2BpwZby


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  1. My sister got a GR-MPODS they are pretty much exactly the same it has the lightning port too which is a plus they even sound really good for $100 i might even get a pair my self

  2. Lasast year I had a problem and this problem was about my real AirPods vs my friends fake AirPods, he was so happy about the new AirPods that he thought was “real” that When I told him that was fake he almost beat my as@ and broke my airpods so I bought a new ones… and for his birthday I bought him a new AirPods but real ones

  3. Dude, you owe me $40. I bought these two months ago. Emailed company multiple times and no response. Similar stories and entire thread on Reddit. Thanks for reviewing these.

  4. Yes I'll take a chance that hey if you're going to buy some earbuds and can't afford those $40 ones what about some from the Dollar General store their fifteen bucks by some of those and see if they're any good good test on those the cheap cheap version versus other cheat version for the poor boy


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