Code Name Sickle: Exploring Russia’s mobile nuclear missile systems

Teykovo may be a small Russian town but it plays a big role in defending the country; it’s home to the Teykovo Missile Division, the military unit devoted to maintaining and operating Russia’s nuclear deterrent. It’s where Russia’s latest mobile missile systems, including the Topol-m – known to NATO as “Sickle”, are put through their paces and the missile regiment soldiers are trained. RTD’s correspondent is given unique access to the formerly classified facility. He even gets the chance to drive an enormous MAZ missile carrier.


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  1. Why has mankind developed these fearful things? To use against others made in the image of God? Is it a complete lack of brotherly love? All countries that have developed them I am addressing

  2. whats the benefit of mobile nuclear? its obvioulsy not to get closer to the target? is it to keep the location of weapons a secret? these are obviously long range missiles so can fly a great distance /


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