Behnaz Farahi Empowers Expression through Chic Wearables – Brought to you by Hyundai

Behnaz Farahi works at the intersection of fashion, architecture and interaction design, and she uses her wearables to create a world of interplay, where humans can further connect with their built environments. Trained as an architect, Behnaz is keenly aware of how the environment affects human behaviour and she creates Wearables with this mind.

Behnaz’s project, Opale, integrates soft robotics and facial tracking technology to create garments that mimic human behaviour. Her view is that, if a human smiles at another human, why shouldn’t a piece of clothing respond in a similar way? Fitted with a camera to detect facial expressions, Opale recognises exterior cues and reacts accordingly.

Art+Technology is brought to you by Bloomberg Media Studios and Hyundai.


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