Android Apps for Chromebooks and Large Screen Devices (Google I/O '17)

Play Store on Chromebooks is a game-changer for how Android apps are expected to behave on large screens and desktop form factors. This session aims to provide Android app developers information, guidance, and examples on how to improve and optimize their app on Chromebooks. Doing so will lead to successfully tapping into a new market, being one of the early adopters, and the opportunity to lead and influence the ecosystem in setting the standard for apps on larger screens. Specific topics are around improving an app’s ability to provide better window management and implement different hardware inputs (trackpad, mouse, keyboard, and stylus) as frequently used with larger screen devices.

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  1. instead of showing black bars when an app doesn't scale properly show the wallpaper with a translucent layer over top. much more natural looking than black bars. especially relevant for portrait games


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