The Laptop Guide for Creators

A guide to buying the best laptops for video editing, photo editing and other creative work with a focus on the Adobe Creative Suite
Double Screen ZenBook –
4K XPS 15 –
Razer Blade (I use this) –
MacBook 15 –
Aero 15 –
Acer Concept D –

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Comment (46)

  1. U are a genuine tech reviewer. Lots of Love from INDIA….😍
    I'm a hardcore Designer from the last 16 years, I'm a Fashion Visual Merchandiser, Retail Designer & Interior Stylist. I do 3D designing with V-Ray rendering, Graphic Designing with ADOBE CC, 4K video editing and little bit of Gaming. All these I want to do it on a laptop & I'm very particular to have great power on the Design machine hardware for my works.

    Planning to get a new laptop around $1200 from Indian Market.
    What is ur opinion on
    DELL INSPIRON 7591( INDIAN MODEL ) it is fitting in my budget.
    Core i9 – 9880H
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 – 4GB DDR5
    16 GB RAM ( planning to upgrade to 32 GB out of the box )
    512 GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD ( planning to upgrade to 2 TB out of the box )

    Link to the DELL INDIA :

    Pls do a detailed review on it. It will really help to the INDIAN Buyers. 🙏 PLEASE 🙏

  2. hi dave hope all good with u… im a dj … can you please suggest me best laptop for djing which can run traktor Pro software, i have very bad experience Dell Inspiron (i7 7th Gen/16GB/1TB+256GB SSD/Win 10…. my budget is $2000…. thanks

  3. Dave let be frank and honest. Do you enciunters macbook pro 2016 to 2019 with constant freezes,crashes,reboots with the issues with Apple T2 chip? Why nobody seems to reporr the matter on youtube channels?

  4. Great vid. As a professional creator myself one thing I would mention is lack of expandability on newer MacBooks Pros. I run a Mac with 16gb of ram and can easily max that out with just one Adobe product run.

  5. Quadro P1000 or GTX 1660ti for Industrial Design works? The P1000 (4Gb) is similar to the GTX 1050ti, but as a professional mobile workstation solution, but it is worth over the GTX 1660ti (6Gb)? (Both laptop is for the same price but the quality for the mobile workstation is way much better than the gaming laptop's.)

  6. 1st of all sorry for my bad grammar (in learning process). I just wanted to know if theres any possible way to replace a laptop screen for example, i purchased hp omen 15 with an ips screen and desperately need to replace it with a good one. Sorry for the inconvenience

  7. Can i buy gaming laptops (predator helios 300, legion y540 etc) if i want to want to do video editing, Adobe work?
    Frankly the money is same so i was thinking to go for gaming laptops as i get a dedicated gpu and much better cpu ( h vs u)

  8. Oh yeah. you compare all of them O_O les go. im debating about the asus dual screen, acer and aero lol. Mac was never on my list. the dell xps is now way below my list since these new guys came into town. Screen is super important to me lol. SD card port is a bonus

  9. HEY Dave,
    I am thinking of getting a new laptop with 9th gen i9. But recently Intel anounced 10th gen 10nm processors . Do you think it's better to wait for the new series of laptops with 10gen Intel processor or may be it is not worth the wait and I should go for current 9th gen Laptop.? Appreciate your content.

  10. Well, ye Adobe may be running better on Apple devices but content creators don't want to struggle with things like keyboard repair.

    The new butterfly keyboards, since 2019, have a lot of problems and I would rather skip using these this year.

    Apple said they "fixed" it, but even you said that this "foil" which they added is not helping at all.

    So why again do you recommend the 2019 Macbook Pro 15 again? I don't get it.

    Besides that, great video dude!


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