A deaf student becomes an Android app developer for her community

At first, Hastu thought she couldn’t become a developer because she is hearing impaired. Then, she met Tesya at a local Indonesian Google Developer Student Club, and Tesya took the time to mentor Hastu in Android technology. Fascinated by what she learned in her DSC, Hastu dedicated her time towards building an Android app that helps facilitate connecting the blind with sight volunteers. Hastu aspires to become the CTO of an Indonesian start-up in the future. She continues to build apps, and solve local problems for her community.

Learn how to get involved in your local Google Developer Student Clubs here → http://bit.ly/2Tlmdcc

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  1. your daily struggles alone speaking in American sign language is a very small community is inspiring into me for when you where typing what to say your device was also speaking your words outloud. I wish you nothing but the best and may you develope an application that will be inspirational by design for others who knew not can benefit. Thank you.

  2. I am an Android certified developer but have been failing to land a job for now almost 2years. I have been discouraged and lately felt nothing will happen for me but after watching this it has given me a new lease of life. I know one day that dream will happen. I will keep coding!

  3. Google goes above and beyond to search talent worldwide and give them the opportunity to blossom, they know that greatness and life changing skills can come from everywhere and anyone, given the chance. I've always found it to be such an honorable mission. Congratulation Hastu!

  4. Do not (only) integrate the subtitles in the video, please. Youtube has a special feature, for that, to improve translations, lip-sigh recognition and voice recognition. Thanks.


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