5 minute house flip | Double Wide Mobile Home | Before & After

You can find the house on Zillow here:
Video walk through of the house:

photo of the boys: butterfly chaser photography
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We finally finished the house! it was definitely a learning experience as usual; i feel like i only had 4 mental break downs through it so that was good…plus it ended up taking more time and costing more than we had orginally expected but that’s a lesson you gotta learn sometimes. We are both really excited to see how long it will take to sell but know either way we can look back and remember all the quality time we got to spend together on this project before I head off to PT school. It was also really satisifying to take the property from run down garbage to something someone will enjoy and call home. Anyways thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed the before and afters on this 2001 4 bedroom 2 bath double wide mobile home – manufactured home in Lindale Texas.


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  1. Great rehab! One suggestion; wear the safety equipment! Especially safety glasses and breathing apparatus! Your eyes and lungs will thank you for it in old age!

  2. The finished property is gorgeous, BUT although you did the work yourselves, you still had to buy all the fixtures and fittings, furniture, lights, flooring etc. You didn't say how much you paid for the property originally, but after all that back-breaking work, hope you made a HUGE profit!


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