UNBOXING & REVIEW – Vufine – Wearable Display HD Smart Glasses! For Drones, FPV, Phone, etc!

Today we unbox and test out Vufine! This $199 accessory allows you to view your phone on the side of your view! Its literally a picture in picture option in real life! For more check out: https://www.vufine.com/

Vufine is a high definition, wearable display that allows you to enjoy the functionality of your current technology in a handsfree environment. Vufine is great for piloting drones, operating remote cameras, playing location-based games and dozens of other uses. Neither virtual reality nor augmented reality, Vufine is a new approach to wearables that focuses on the primary component of both devices: the display. We believe your technology is smart enough, you simply need new ways to experience it. Vufine attaches to glasses via magnetic docking station and connects with an HDMI cable to avoid latency issues and preserve battery life. Powered by an internal battery, Vufine lasts for approx. 90 minutes and is capable of charging while in use for extended activity. *The Vufine Standard model does not offer display modes or left eye compatibility. The Vufine Standard is compatible with all Vufine and Vufine+ accessories.


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Comment (22)

  1. Hi, thanks your review, do you have any idea if it can be connected via HDMI to a camera to see what the monitor of the same camera shows? For example, a Sony alpha 7sii with a micro HDMI video output?

  2. hm. no information! How to setup, WHAT exactly is possible to show on a screen, Does it need any additional app… watch youtube? learn words? watch any video from mobile flash-card??? compatible with android??

  3. shockingly bad design. its bulky, the wire is in the wrong place, the camera sticks too far out to wear under a helmet, the screen down seem micro adjustable therefore the screen blocks critical vision field in stead of being tucked away at the top. Its just poor 3/10

  4. well, how you can possibly fly FPV with DJI drone when the smart phone USB port is already taken by cable coming from remote controller. How to connect the HDMI adaptor when there is no free ports left?
    ps. unboxing videos suck if you don't give more in dept review.

  5. Thank you for showing this device I believe it has a lot of problems too many cables too many extra devices you have to buy we can connect our cameras from home wireless to iPhone they should've thought of that but this device waste of money but thank you for showing it

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