Smartphones And The Mobile World Congress – BBC Click

We visit the world’s biggest smartphone show, Mobile World Congress, to see all the latest launches and developments in mobile tech.

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  1. Technology is biz which sucks up the worlds resources and hands the money to monopolies & billionares. It is also where a bunch of geeks with no social skills go to beat off in their labs daily. Most of these people who are selling & marketing this tech are elitist assholes… And that comes from a retired silly valley engineer. Stop 5G its a bullshit technology for Surveillance Capitalism. Move to the country buy a farm & say screw the technocrats. If you heard some of the comments made by C-level executives at tech firms… The think their customers are complete idiots, not to far off base are they ?

  2. You took a hammer to a phone. I won't say that's stupid. Even though it's my opinion, I won't say it. What did you think would happen?
    How about some meatier content, that we have seen very often on your show. And a little less Mr. Bean/Benny Hill entertainment content.

  3. I don't understand the point of that simple phone. You can just use "Do not disturb" mode in your regular phone. You can customize it however you like, e.g. so that you'll still get calls but no app notifications. There are several settings to choose from.
    BTW: I love it – 2:35. It reminded me of my last Saturday evening 😉

  4. Shame the water shark doesn't try to collect evidence from the waste like finger prints and DNA inorder to fine the users discarding there rubbish inorder to pay for more Water robots but i suppose the salt in the water may remove DNA maybe 🙁 users saying that they placed it in a bin will just get a warning till next time 🙂

  5. Those 5G latency claims seem exaggerated. I get 18ms of latency connecting to the internet on my home WiFi, which isn't an amount you'd really notice when performing most tasks, and I don't see how 5G networks would be able to improve on that much.

  6. Tommy Robinson is so important that you have to mention him on tech program…You cannot confront PANODRAMA.. maybe you should talk about how you scripting and telling people what to say, BBC is RACIST, ELITARIS, ISLAMOPHOBIC and HOMOPHOBIC. If domeone is interesting, see PANODRAMA yourself.

  7. I like the look of the Hololens 2… I wanted a test version when it first came out… but other things beat it, like the ODG Glasses and a few other things… now it is just that they are for people at work… not at home… so the Hololens 3(When it comes out) should be like Tron and the computer world of things


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