Zero Kill Challenge with MortaL | 1Up Game Challenge | PUBG Mobile

Mortal has gotten the chicken dinner by wiping an entire squad off single-handedly, he has gotten the chicken dinner with a 360 no-scope headshot, he has even gotten the chicken dinner by jumping on to an enemy with a live grenade in his hand. But can he get the chicken dinner without killing a single enemy? India’s favourite mobile gamer is back on 1Up Gaming to try his luck with the Zero Kill Challenge. Sharp hearing may be one of Mortal’s most vital skills but this time he has to use it to sneak past enemies unnoticed and head towards victory. Watch this video to find out if Mortal has what it takes to conquer the Zero Kill Challenge.

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  1. I m noob but i had completed zero kill challange before anyone had started it as challange. It was coincidence. I was afraid and hidden in grass. And last opponent saw me. He fired at me. I ran behind a tree applied bandages. And after few second it wrote winner winner chicken dinne😊

  2. Brother you are an Inspiration for many of mobile PUBG players , I Myself started my page because of you , watching your game 🤩♥️🙏. Your Innocent fave
    Face & Smile Keep Inspiring and Growing , Keep UP the GOOD WorK ♥️.


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