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There are tons of cool gadgets for men out there. Of course, with all of the new technology coming out nowadays — in a seemingly never-ending flow of Kickstarters and IndieGoGo campaigns — it can be tough to sort out which gadgets are actually, in fact, cool. We’ve seen some crazy new tech come out recently, and some of these solve a common problem men might have. Of course, some of them are simply just great to look at, but we prefer cool products that actually show innovation and creativity.

So without further ado, here is our ultimate list of the top 30 best cool gadgets for men.

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[1] RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger
→ 🇺🇸

[2] Bobby Bizz Anti-Theft Backpack
→ 🇺🇸

[3] Card Blocr Credit Card Holder & Slim Wallet
→ 🇺🇸

[4] Wahl Stainless Steel Grooming Station
→ 🇺🇸

[5] Sayber X
→ 🇺🇸


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