The Cheapest Guitar On Amazon!

I bought the cheapest guitar I could find on Amazon! Lets see how it stacks up!

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  1. Wouldn’t swap my Ibanez les Paul law suit guitar for any other, even though brand new back then it was only around 200 quid, this review should have started with playing every fret on the neck to check for buzz and intonation, then he should have tested the harmonics, after that he should have run through 3 or more different scales, Dorian ,Lydian ,blues, all without distortion, I think this would have given a better idea of what the guitar is like for sound quality.

  2. I only really watch these "Cheapest" videos cause I like hearing your commentary. But I can never accurately judge whether it's worth it or not, since you plug them into thousand dollar amps and play with a super dirty tone every single time. To switch things up, you oughta use an amp that someone buying a guitar like this would actually have


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