Master Google Calendar for Mobile 2018 with This Killer Tutorial

Curious what the Google Calendar App looks like on mobile? Join us for this quick tutorial and learn what Google Calendar for Mobile can do for you.

In this video:

1:10 Google Calendar for Mobile Demo

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Comment (49)

  1. Hello and thanks for your video.
    You have covered almost all calendars feature but still one over there you didn’t mention which annoying me lot.
    Among all those calendars there is one called Phone, which I couldn’t find a way as how to get rid of some options, for exemple, Public holly days. I can only deactivate.
    Any idea please as to change its settings.

  2. How to Add People?

    When I try typing in a Contact that IS in my phone's contacts, said contact doesn't come up. Does their information have to be stored under the email account I'm using for that partial event?

  3. I have monthly Events/Reminders that are showing up as duplicates for no apparent reason. (Sometimes in duplicates of 4, 7, or any other multiple.)

    I have tried disabling various email addresses that I'm logged into and/or their miscellaneous functions (Birthdays, Reminders, Holidays, Tasks, etc). Nothing seems to work.

    I don't know how this is happening, so I don't know how to fix it. And nothing I search online seems to pull up similarly related threads.

    Any idea what the cause may be or how to address it?

  4. First time visiting your channel thanks very much for the excellent introduction. There's something that I feel is lacking in Google Calendars but it could be that I just don't know how to utilize it. And that is I don't see the ability to have a persistent ringing when an event comes up on my calendar it just pings once and goes into the notification bar and then is silent. That's great if I'm looking at my phone but not great if it's in my pocket while I'm working. Do you know of a cloud-based alarm that will store my alarms in the situation where I need to go from device to device if there's an issue.? Or does Google Calendar have an option for persistent ringing? Thank you for your time

  5. How do you manage multiple calendars on iPhone? I have a shared calendar for work and my personal calendar. When I add an event on my app, it doesn’t give me an option to choose which calendar to add it to. HELP! I can’t find the answer anywhere.

  6. On my laptop, I see scheduling tasks as an option and I use the feature often. But, then on my mobile phone, there are no options to schedule tasks and I can't even see the tasks I scheduled on my laptop?

  7. I was hoping when I saw an old dude doing this video that it would be clear and precise…. WRONG…. This is not a step-by-step tutorial on how to input/ delete items in a Google calendar. This is a long, drawn-out explanation of what you CAN do with Google calendar. Nothing on HOW to do it. Complete waste of 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Oh well.. c'est la vie.

  8. Help, I cannot get my work calendar, listed under other calendars, to show events that I type in. This is a shared calendar that all Home Inspectors in my group use to post availability so that our scheduler can make assignments accordingly. It worked OK last week. At that time, when i highlighted the event button, a window opened with both of my calendars on it, I would highlight the work calendar, type in availability, hit save, it would appear on calendar. Now, the work calendar option not appear when I hit the plus sign to add an event. I have un checked my personal calendar, but the event entries still come up as a personal entry, (its in a different color than all the other entries)and my scheduler cannot see it. Any ideas? Our group of inspectors use iPads to do this.

  9. Thank you for the video. Do you know if the 'tasks' (a to-do list available on the desktop) function can be activated in the App? I like to use it on the desktop because it is a list of things to do that do not necesarily need to happen at a certain time or day, and they only go away if I check the box next to it (hence a checklist). Examples of this could include: find dog's collar, buy bananas, write to Gina, etc.
    Thank you.

  10. Why can't I see an Event I put in 2015 May 5th? It is set to repeat every year but has only shown up on 2018, 2019, but I can't see it listed even under 2015 unless I manually scroll back to May 5th, 2015 then it is clearly on the calendar. I need your help. Also, I can't jump to a date in either PC mode of smartphone mode.

  11. Like you so far (1st video) but, on that note, thank you for enlightening me to the fact that the calendar app that came on my Samsung J3 isn't the google calendar app which seems better.  I didn't know that because it immediately synced with my laptop/cloud calendar.

  12. I enjoyed the video but was hoping to find out from your video if there is a way to print from the app on a phone rather than having to do this from the desktop version. Since you made no mention of it, there must not be. Thank you for your educational videos, I subscribed 😊

  13. Thank you so much for your videos, Steve. As of February 15th 2019… my Google Cal on my Android doesn't seem to give me the option of the schedule view. I was also hoping to have it display stating the day at 7AM instead of 1AM, but I don't know how to do it. Desktop I use the Mac and I'm good… it's just the mobile version that doesn't seem to have as many options.

  14. Never even noticed the schedule view. Thanks, now I can swipe the item to the right and delete. The day view doesn't do this. I had to go into the event itself. Boom! 💣

  15. what is all day means for event and reminder ?
    how to use it ? is that it keep on remind me after 5 mins?
    what i mostly dislike the reminder or event tone are too soft and short and can not be customize

  16. Google calendar problem with no Google solution (yet). Many users are experiencing the following: You enter an event in your Web based Google Calendar and it shows up in your Android app Google Calendar. No problem there…But when you input an event in your Android app Google Calendar, it does not who up in your Web based Google Calendar. Shouldn't "google Calendar" be one an the same on any platform you're accessing it from?

  17. In regards to Google integration: I meet with my clients, and perform my work for them, at their house. I put the address in contact info, (and sometimes even have it pinned in maps). INTERESTING; I can tell Assiatant Google , "navigate to Mark Smith's house" and if his address is in there, off we go, no prob. I cannot get the Calendar Google to admit she knows who the hell Mark Smith is much less where he lives. Will calendar not get data from contacts?

    (Based on my experience, I interact with AT LEAST 3 different Googles; the one in Maps (that won't let me watch YouTube while I'm driving sometimes, ), the Assistant on my Home devices,(and occasionally my mobile) the Assistant on my mobile (not as smart ,, short attention span, and hard of hearing. Oh, andthe Wise Ol" Google Now still hangs out sometimes (with relevant information that I once complained about )

  18. Great video add usual. How can I program it to send me SMS reminders? After in setting reminders, I never get any notifications and I need to remind myself to keep on looking for appointments and reminders, which makes it very limited to me.


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