Holographic laptop

The Lenovo Tapes | Holographic laptop


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  1. Um thats taught in schools and the reason most POCKET calculators dont do 31 digit numbers is because most people dont need to find the solution to a problem with that high of a number

  2. oh ya well guess what! take any computer now a days and watch it dance circles around that age old piece of junk, who cares what happened then, come up with ideas about now

  3. Sadly I think history isnt something that is thought in Amercian schools, for all amercians please google Charles Babbage the inventor of computing that in 1822 started designing and building a difference engine that could process 31 digit numbers, far more than pocket calculators can do these days.

    As for what the US was doing in 1820, well whatever they were doing, computing was not one of them.


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