Create Your First Wearable Tizen .NET Application For A Samsung Galaxy Watch

Learn how to build a sample Tizen .Net app, and deploy it to a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

You will learn:
1. What is the Tizen Wearable Platform?
2. How to use the Visual Studio Tools for Tizen.
3. How to create a sample Tizen Wearable .NET app.
4. How to use the certificate and device managers to deploy your app to a Galaxy Watch.
5. Best practices for designing wearable apps.

Below are some links to helpful resources that were covered during the presentation:
• Installing Visual Studio Tools for Tizen:
• Getting Started Guide:
• Sample Applications:
• Samsung Developer Program:


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  1. Thanks for your article. I was able to create the hello world application and publish it to my Samsung Galaxy. However I am having no liuck with the Tizen.Wearable.CircularUI.Form library. namely the Circle page. Getting segmentation faults. Are you able to help me?


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