Cheapest Sax on Amazon VS My Professional Alto Saxophone

Ammoon/Lade Alto Saxophone (USA link) –
Ammoon/Lade Alto Saxophone (international) –

My recommendation for the Best Student Alto Sax Under $500:

I bought the cheapest student saxophone on Amazon to compare it to my professional Yanagisawa sax. I wanted to see what you get for $270 and the answer is you get quite a lot for your money. In this video I unbox the Ammoon (Lade) alto saxophone, we take a look at all the accessories included and I check the build quality and how well the pads seal. Then I play test it alongside my Yanagisawa A991 alto sax so you can hear the difference for yourself.
Turns out, if you’re on a small budget, this Chinese saxophone is very good value for the money, and will serve a beginner saxophone player well.

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Best Student Alto Sax Under $500:
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Comment (25)

  1. I’m getting a new Yamaha alto sax. I have some sort of uncommon type brand that isn’t as popular as Selmer or Yamaha and I’m getting a brand new Yamaha gold body with gold keys (the one I have now has gold keys so I’m actually glad that it is the same color) and it is about $1200-$1500

  2. Im not an instrumentalist, and have no clue what to look or listen for. However they both sounded great… to me. You may just be a master that can make anything sound good.

  3. no fucking difference in terms of sound: because if geometry is the same (and it is) and metal more or less the same there will be not any difference. Mechanics are the difference in terms of lightness, stroke, reliability etc etc

  4. I listening thru a set of Bose 901's and to be honest, theres VERY little significant difference. Now as to build quality and long term durability..I guess thats still on then table.

  5. The better question: does the cheap Amazon sax still work 6 months later?

    As a band director, I can already tell you the answer: NOPE. The cheap Chinese knock-offs will start to leak like a sieve within a few months, and no repair shop will work on it (they know that the soft metal will just deform again, and the customer will become angry and demand more repairs for free). At that point, you pretty much need to throw it away and buy another one.

    These are disposable instruments. If you want to save some money, buy a used instrument but stick with the name brands. You can find great saxophones by Selmer, Yamaha, etc. for about the same as a new cheap one from Amazon. It may need to be regulated and have a few pads replaced, but it'll last for years. Decades, even.


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