Unboxing An Insane Gaming Laptop With Two Screens! | HP Omen X 2S

The HP Omen X S2 is a gaming laptop unlike any we’ve seen before. Like an enlarged Touch Bar, the Omen’s second screen is a six-inch 1080p touchscreen built right into the keyboard deck. It might not do much for battery life, but the second screen has some pretty interesting applications, whether that’s for in-game use or for chatting in-between matches.

Our unboxing shows you just what you get in the box, as well as shows how exactly that second-screen functions.

HP Omen X 2S: http://tidd.ly/1abff0e3



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Comment (17)

  1. Your camera placement is bad,
    i think that this laptop doesn't have a main screen because it's not shown (not even once) in your video
    and i also think that the duration of video with your face is more than the duration of the laptop
    i watch videos to see how the new laptop looks like not your face or that green thing you decorated behind you.

  2. It’s very telling that you claimed the MacBook Pro was the 1st laptop with dual screens. It wasn’t. It was also very telling that you say this was the first laptop you’ve seen with a wrist rest. You obviously don’t pay attention to the gaming laptop space. Long story short, this video sucks because you don’t really know the subject matter.

  3. The fact that you used the word "INSANE" in the title shows how much you're over-hyping this laptop when it doesn't warrant it.

    Dave Lee's channel can teach you a thing or two on how to review laptops.

    P.s. HP and their Omen brand both suck across the board.


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