Huawei MateBook X Pro 2019 Review – Best Laptop?

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I called last year’s Huawei Matebook X Pro as my favorite product of early 2018. It was beautiful, thin and light, and hard to compete with on a spec-for-price comparison. In 2019, the new variant is all about taking that success and matching it with a couple of great new things, in addition to some controversies of old. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let me tell you what these are in our full review.


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  1. Huawei needs to own their laptops. I have one and it just looks like macbook, which isn't best. But it's doesn't look different. For example lenovo yoga s940. They got different design. Just change the design

  2. Hi. I wish Apple would just give it everything they've got and create something like this with the good things about MacBook. They tend to compromise on experience all the time.

    It's tough to switch coz' macOS is way smoother to use, the integration with the devices and that prestige.

  3. Huawei Mate book X Pro 2019 is gonna be my very 1st laptop I'll be buying soon & also have questions about this 1 laptop later on looking forward 2 owning my very own Huawei Mate book X Pro plus love the phone technology but questions later 2 about that also bye & thanks 4 very informative information on this laptop bye

  4. I need to try out the keyboard cos if I like it I'll choose it over the XPS 13 and surface laptop 2. But a bad keyboard is a deal-breaker for me because of the amount of typing I'll have to do on this.

    Edit: In the UK you can't buy the 2019 version. I tried out the 2018 edition, surface laptop 2 and XPS 13 and even though yes the travel is much worse in my opinion on the matebook it still felt extremely comfortable to type on and I could easily rely on that keyboard as a student. The XPS 13 keyboard actually felt a bit cheap and I didn't really like it as the keys were a little small while the surface laptop 2 definitely has the better keyboard by a bit of a margin. I also have decided I don't like the screen ratio of the XPS as it feels a bit small, the 3:2 on the surface and matebook feels much better for productivity. Therefore, in my honest opinion the ever popular XPS 13 is a bit overrated and is definitely not worth the money.

  5. Keeping the system and the data on one partition is the dumbest thing ever. You can just cry if you don't have a backup and your Windows/Linux dies so you need to do a fresh instal. I agree though that a 100 GB partition is too small and it can get full very quickly. On a 1TB (even 512 GB) drive it's totally enough to have 150-200 GB system partition if you don't install large games on it (the Matebook X Pro is not a gaming machine anyway).

  6. So the only two cons that you could think of is the unique camera placement, which doesn't have such a bad angle if you just decide not to type while on a video call, and the fact that you have to spend 3 minutes re partitioning the drive after buying the machine? I wouldn't call those cons. Even if they were (webcam sat on the bottom bezel of the screen like old XPS 13 and had no way to be hidden and the hard drive partitions were locked somehow), this machine would still kick ass and its pros heavily outweigh these cons for anyone but people who can't figure out how to change the install location of their programs.


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