The Laptop Buying Guide for Creators 2019! [Ft. Austin Evans & Sara Dietschy] #ad | The Tech Chap

This Laptop Buying Guide for Creators in 2019 rounds up the best tips for buying a laptop from my own experience, and asking other Creators (Austin Evans, Sara Dietschy & The Unlockr)! So what makes the perfect creator laptop? Sponsored by Intel – Learn more:

A huuuuuge thanks to Austin Evans, Sara Dietschy and David TheUnlockr for helping me out with this video!

[Intel has gifted me with the Acer Concept D7. All other products appearing in this video are not associated with endorsement from Intel]

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Comment (39)

  1. Both Autism Evans and Sara Dietschy;

    "What makes the best creators laptop?" I need the performance, RAM, beefy graphics, and ports".

    Both bust out Macbook Pro's

    surprised pikachu face

  2. Fantastic video. Really helpful. I am using a Surface Book 2 and I love it. I also use the surface pro and love that too – there is no substitute for really knowing what your own use case for a PC is. It is then that you can really start looking for the best machine for what you do. I have in the past fallen for going for the highest spec and finding that I was not getting the best productivity out of it. I have found a sweet spot I think. I am of course looking forward to the new machines that are coming down the pipe but keeping my own use case in mind helps when thinking about upgrading. I attempt to keep ann 18-30 month replacement cycle (resale value plays a big role here) – sometimes breaking that rule if something very good comes out or if I find a really good deal on newer tech. The personal use case is king and as that is changing – so my requirements are changing. Again – loved the vid. Am a subscriber for some time and really look forward to your thoughtful and thought-provoking videos. Thanks for putting in the work Please keep doing it – you really are doing a great job.

    Top 3 Features:
    1. Portability.
    2. Power+Battery Life (I have to have both but I am not extreme – no games or big processing needs …. yet)
    3. Comfortable keyboard
    . 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Since I left my macbook pro due to the insane prices I tried the xps 15 oled, the screen produced the color gray very unevenly and the graphics card isn't great. Then the aero 15 oled which has horrible coil whine and the fans constantly kick in even when idle. I really hope this is the one. Just not looking forward to adding that second nvme ssd in this as the board is flipped. Have you upgraded yours?

  4. I like your content, but just as you seem to find annoying people using "real estate" or "daily driver", I dont like much when people exaggerate "this system hardware and software has been optimized for creators". The hardware is the same; Windows does not have a particular image for creators laptop, it is stock Windows; Studio drivers have a mixed reviews vis-a-vis gaming drivers (Puget's systems page has a nice comparison showing no benefit). so to me, it sounded a bit like you were reading the marketing material of Intel, Nvidia, etc.. it woudl have been nice if you had backup those statements showing performance comparisons versus "not creators laptops".

  5. good video, but the idea that thin/light creator laptops are a new thing, it is just plain wrong. Dell Precision 55xx, Zbook Studio G are all in their third or fourth generation.

  6. Can you do a detailed review on Lenovo legion y740 9th gen intel i7 version?It has 500nits display and better color accuracy and solved the backlight bleeding issue from last gen . Do you know if this is true about the display? Will Nvidia provide the Nvidia studio drivers in legion lineup?


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