Swift 5 Ultra-thin Laptop | Acer

Designed to be carried around all-day for work and entertainment, the Swift 5 is the lightest 14” clamshell notebook that weighs just 990 grams and has a powerful NVIDIA® graphics card. It also has the latest Intel® Core™ CPU and is only 14.95mm thin, so you can be confident in its powerful design.

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Comment (7)

  1. Acer I love your products but to be frank, I am still waiting last years models of the Swifts, Spins, and Aspire laptops, where in the hell are they getting sold??? Nobody reviews them, I am guessing they were never released WTF! I was soo waiting on the Aspire 7, from my source it seems it's getting sold only in China, New Zealand and maybe Germany like it was a black market product..

  2. Dedicated graphics card is not needed for these kind of laptops, these are not for gaming. Actually it's probably a problem for Linux users, because of driver issues. But if there is a model with only iGPU, then it's good.


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