Shoot Like a Pro Series – Camera Basics

The ‘shoot like a pro’ series offers expert advice on how to produce professional looking videos.

This video covers understanding camera exposure, zebras and white balance.

The “Shoot Like a Pro Series” is directed by Chuck Fishbein, Crazy Duck Productions,


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  1. I have a Panasonic VXF11 camcorder using for Church live streaming. I am not able to get the subject sharper using the manual focus and the video is getting over exposed. Please help me some tips to get a clear video. Thanks in advance.

  2. Dear sir This was a great video. But U Seen Carefully This video Clip Time will be 4:32min to 4:35min your camera man Catch a One Object Like UFO Disk Shape Small object found in Down side CHARLES LA Board to NO Parking Board Mr Chuck This object is NO Airplane & No Helicopter NO Drone.

  3. Hi there I am interested in getting into this Iine of work and I have plenty of questions for you about your career if you don't mind. Here are just a few:

    How many weddings a month do you video? Is there a big market for this? What camera do you use? Is it just you doing the filming and the editing? What training did you get before you started. How did you start. Where in the country are you based and how far would you travel to film. It would be great to help me with these questions.
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    How long would an average wedding video be? Does the client tell you what they want in the video or do yo dictate this?

  4. Hi,
          am Benjamin and will like to help your company to increase sales by advertising your product intensively in Ghana(West Africa). i work at a television station which uses most of your products. looking at the quality and technology your company is bringing out , i will like help promote ur products here in Ghana and also providing ideas as to cameras and products your company can produce in the future. looking forward to hear from you soon.


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