Best Smart Home Tech Under $100!

Top budget smart home tech under $100 is here! Smart Home tour 2018 is coming soon as I complete my smart home setup. Don’t miss this amazing deal. Pre-order Vector by Anki using my link on Kickstarter! Thanks to Anki for sponsoring this video.

My smart home setup is coming along nicely and this list of best smart home tech under 100 dollars should get your smart home tech for 2018 started! I feel like the best affordable smart home tech is the way to go for beginners smart home under 100 is a great starting point. Check out my Best Budget Smarthome Tech under $50 if you need a lower price point for more smart home devices. This is some cool tech under 100 and subscribe for more smart home! #smarthome #smarthome #smarthometech #smarthometour

Bond Wifi Hub for Ceiling Fans:
Amazon Fire Cube TV 4K:
Wyze Cam:
Wyze Cam Pan:
Wyze Cam Website:
LIFX Z Light Strip:
Ring Doorbell:

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