Aero 15X – An AWESOME Gaming Laptop For Creators

My review of the Gigabyte Aero 15X gaming/workstation laptop with the new generation of 6 core CPUs. This is the best gaming laptop from Gigabyte for creatives!
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The updated Aero 15X in 2018 is a great addition to Gigabyte’s lineup. With an all new 8th gen Intel 6-core CPU – the i7-8750H with a 144Hz screen, NVIDIA GTX 1070 Max-Q graphics and a great battery. This is a strong alternative option to the MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 1570 and MSI GS65

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  1. For whoever is considering buying this laptop, please do not. I bought the Aero 15x v8 and the thermals are extremely poor, my mobo is fried after only one year, tech support from Gigabyte is trash and I will make it my own personal mission to share this information with as many people as I can. Save your 2k dollars and invest them in another machine, THIS IS NOT IT. You're welcome and please upvote.

  2. i think the plastic around edges might be for extra protection for dents and damage. Ive heard deeper scratches and dent are annoyingly visible on black aluminum…

    Great review btw, thanks as Im considering this laptop my next workhorse 😉

  3. anything with a ventilation at the bottom is not a laptop but a tabletop or notebook. A major company got sued by a lady for burning her thighs and she got paid in millions. please stop naming components incorrectly.

  4. Simply dont buy Gigabyte because they have shocking support! They don't even pickup phones. Company who does not provide you phone number to call them if you have an issue, does not deserve any customer. I would never again buy their product. I just learned that fixing my fan issue, can take up to 4 weeks. I am buying new computer with proper support and will sell this one. This is simply a joke.

  5. Writing this from my 2018 Aero 15x with 32gb ram and 1tb nvme SSD:

    A few months ago I've watched the same review from Dave but of the 2018 version, decided to buy it.

    The laptop is a beast for gaming and performance no doubt about that but it does have its issues.

    First one is that the hard edge between the trackpad and the space bar presses against the screen when closed and in a backpack.

    This makes it scratch the screen slightly and I even noticed a brightness drop along the line it presses against (you just see a slightly darker bar in the middle of the screen).

    The second issue is that I received it with a broken "I" key which pops out every time I press it and I have press it again so it pops back into place.

    The third issue is that I upgraded the 500gb SSD with another one from Samsung. It worked fine for a while until the original one started not being recognized and so now I only use my new SSD.

    The speakers are pretty bad but it's not a production problem.

    All these issues are pretty unfortunate for a laptop that cost me around $3000 (Ordered from Amazon and imported it to my country via 3rd party shipping company).

    Yes, I can get them fixed if I ship it back to Gigabyte but it's more time and money I need to waste now.

    I do recommend this laptop though, I just hope you won't encounter the issues I'm dealing with.

  6. i got this computer overall its awesome, except for one thing the sound is probably the worst i have ever hear, does anyone has any tip to get it better than it is ???

  7. That brightness is a real bummer! I went from a 2012 macbook pro to the msi gs65 thinking 5 year upgrade, don't need to worry about screen brightness! Whoops! Nice you're informing folks, definitely need more awareness of this problem (I've still not got used to it).

  8. No idea on how he’s getting 149 frames on ultra with Overwatch. I get around 100 if I’m lucky. I'm averaging maybe 110 on just the high preset and I have no clue if there's an issue with my machine or not.

  9. Hi, I'm planning to use Aero 15x for music production. On notebookcheck it shows, that it could have some dpc latency issues. Does anyone have that problem? Can anyone run test? Cheers

  10. Don’t underestimate the idle noise… it’s windows you’re running, you will want it to stay silent and it will start doing updates and the fan will go up and down up and down in rpm and it will be very annoying… this Is what happened with my thin and light gaming laptop and I hate it… (gs60 from 3 years ago…)

  11. Dave, I enjoyed your review helping me to make a purchase decision.
    Unfortunately my experience with the Aero was not great when I decided to update the Nvidia graphic drivers.
    Checking blog or forum, many people had the same experience. I had no choice to return it back.

  12. Currently the Gigabyte Aero 15x, gtx1070 Maxq with 512gb storage is 2000
    and the MSI GS65 Stealth with gtx 1060 and with 512gb is 1950 (BUT IT IS A GTX1060)
    the gtx 1070 model with 512gb storage is 2300 dollars which is 300+ more expensive then Aero


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