3 Reasons NOT to Buy a $400 Laptop

What do you give up when you spend $200 on a laptop instead of $800?

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Comment (43)

  1. Honestly I would just buy a Dell Latitude E6430. I am not sure which of these latitude series laptops are best, but I owned an E6430 before my ASUS ROG G series, actually traded in my Dell to help get the ROG, but before that, in regards to performance, it had a 2nd gen I7 quad core I believe, not 100% sure since it has been almost a year since I replaced it, it was quite heavy for a laptop, at 14lbs, but had great storage, and it had 8gb of ram. These laptops are quite old, and I only had mine for a few months, bought used for $200, but for how old it was, it was quite fast, and the speakers were really good for a laptop, but that is dell for you, they just keep getting worse speakers with every new model laptop for some reason. It ran windows 7 and if I still owned it, I would use it for simple tasks instead of my ROG, mainly because it would make the ROG's life span just that much longer. I honestly miss my old E6430, it was just a laptop to be casual on, browse the internet with, facebook, store all the family pictures on, the only bad thing about it was the screen, as it was exactly like these ones in the video, any angle except straight on looked horrible and discoloured, that, and the integrated graphics were a joke, and I mean integrated graphics on my much older Windows XP PC which originally had Windows 98 on it, were better, seriously… playing an older game from 2003 on that dell had worse fps then on the XP PC, and on the XP PC we are talking about less then half a GB of DDR1, vs the 8gb of DDR3, and some kind of intel CPU on the XP that I have no idea where to find the information on, just know its intel from the way it looks and the stock heat sync, but anything that didn't require the integrated graphics other then the windows UI and other program UI's, was perfectly fine, combined with a really good CPU which held up well.

  2. I got one of these Inspiron's for ease of transportation during my studies. I can't stand Windows though and spent a couple days testing different distributions of Linux until I settled on Lubuntu. It functions like a much more expensive laptop now. Basically, Windows sucks.

  3. y make fun of poor ppl bro i spent my birthday money ( 250 ) on a 220 laptop
    with a bezelless nice keyboard and the viewing angles are amazing. has a quad core processor which is good enough to play my favorite games roblox and minecraft. if anyone wants to check it out its the chuwi herobook. if you have about 150 more or so buy the aerobook also very good and runs games better

  4. Wow, I really disliked this video. The title made me feel like I wasn't going to like it and then it seemed to be going in a different direction then I thought and then it just nose-dived right back to where I thought it was going to go.

    The $200 is good but the $400 version isn't twice as good so go for the $800 one? What!? Who is this video for?

    You're going to tell me that you couldn't recommend anything closer to the $400 mark? To anybody with a ~$400 budget this video is giving off the impression "You're too poor to have a good computer," starting with the title. Come on man… This is what sometimes happens when you're a tech reviewer, you forget that most people aren't in the market for a $2000 machine because they don't make money off of buying or being sent computers.

  5. Reason NOT to buy a $400 laptop:
    1. Its too expensive, so I buy a used $140 Netbook. It got me through 7 years of college and played loads of my games. No separate primary computer required beyond a library card.

  6. For $375, I got a Thinkpad T460 in mint condition. i7 – 258 SSD – win10pro – came with 8 gb ram, pulled another 8 from an old laptop so now it has 16 gb. Less than $400 and the damn laptop is really fast and upgradable in the future.


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