The SMALLEST No-Compromises Laptop – GPD P2 Max Ultrabook

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The Netbook may not be defunct just yet… at least if you see what GPD has to offer!

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Comment (39)

  1. I looks like a mini Dell Inspriron 7000 series. It's like honey I shrank the ultrabook. At least your getting roughly half of the performance. With the netbook it was like 1/3rd of the performance. Improvement! Trackpad still sucks!

  2. I used to buy netbooks/small laptops with 500gb storage for 250$. Then suddenly, a few years later, it became 300$ the cheapest possible and you only get 16 to 32gb storage. What happened? What happened why did storage price go up so massively insanely?

  3. guys please help, wich GPD is the most powerfull one in term off gaming??? because i see multiple GPD versions there is one that has also a controller attached to it and this on on linus video. i just want the most powerfull one

  4. Sorry i just want to now if it is safe , if i command one on the cross fouding i will receiv it , it really look like a good deal but i don’t now if their person are good or not, 700 $ is a lot of money so ..

  5. Dear Linus I normally watch your videos regularly, they provide education and comedy about technology in such a way that always makes me come back for more.

    I was wondering if it is possible to do a head to head competition with GPD P2 MAX and 1 Notebook Onemix 3 PT.

    can be found here

    I am looking to buy one of them and I'm not sure what one would be best.

    I really respect your opinion on the matter.

    Thanks for your time in reading this message at the vary least.
    I hope you have a wonderful day Linus and Employees of Linus

  6. Every inch matters, maybe a few more inches at the top… Linus ended up missing the top of his head for some of this video, come on cameraman, we expect better!

  7. fast -> swift
    's got -> has
    little bit: your brain
    Make Z and X half-width.
    nicely < niais < nescius := not-skilled -> well, dolt
    thickness -> depth pick one
    will -> shall
    off of -> by
    never said runtime
    not guys, fаg

  8. atleast the fan turns on to cool it down rather than pulling an apple and letting the CPU cook itself to death before having the fan audible. I'd rather hear the fan and have a working device than have the fan inaudible

  9. Hello LTT i think you will interest about this product for you to make a content, I see in Ali Express the sell a valuable laptop they call MaiBenBen Heimai 7 "16.1 inch" they used Intel Pentium G5420 with Nvidia GTX 1650 in gpu maybe you can review this product.


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