MSI GS65 Review – SO good.

My review the MSI GS65 Stealth gaming laptop with the new generation of 6 core CPUs. The best gaming laptop from MSI I’ve used.
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Gaming laptops are about to get much faster with the latest introduction of 6 cores and one of the products leading the way is the MSI GS65 Stealth. MSI manages to keep this laptop pretty light at 4.14 pounds and 17.53mm thin. Even with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with Max-Q design. The RGB lit keyboard and a glass-coated touchpad are a nice touch. Gaming looks great with the 15.6 inch running at 144Hz with a 7ms response time.

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  1. MUCH VERY CAREFUL, when buying an MSI laptop, you can't think of trusting videos in which the only thing they do is read them the characteristics of the device I invite you to take a look through the forums of msi to make sure the record problem that this company is suffering at the mud level, using low quality parts in all its ranges, my personal experience with this company is as follows, 8 months ago I acquired the GS73VR 7RF valued at about 1600 euros without operating system, which is my surprise when last week I have to close the notebook and by the grace of the Lord the right hinge is broken by a small part and causes the screen frame to come out, gentlemen I made an investment of 2000 euros in this laptop buying curved monitor of the same brand and more peripherals, the problem is global and in all ranges I repeat it again, I do not understand how a laptop of this price can use an aluminum chassis and hinge s of plastic, my old laptops have never suffered any damage and none exceeded 800 euros

  2. Dude
    I av got 2 laptops in mind 1 Msi Raider GE63 i7 16gb 1TB HDd 256ssd gtx1070 120hz (bezels are thick I don’t like)
    2; Msi stealth thin GS65 i7 16gb 256Gb ssd gtx 1060 144hz thin slim beautiful looking ..
    am stuck with my decision. Thin bezels slim smart vs 1070 I guess …
    I need to know between these two which have better cooling noise or does 1060 last for two three years? Because am concerned about 1060 .
    Plus am hardcore gamer I do many games professionally and I travel lot country to country .. which one will last Atleast for 3 years cuz for me it’s just one time investment so durability for couple of years is my big concern too . I do admit gs65 look way too sensitive though . Am stuck

  3. Just ordered one, getting it tomorrow. I went for the 32gb with the 1070 (maxQ). I looked at the higher spec GPUs, but for what I do/play, it wasn't worth the extra $$ for a 2060, 1660ti or higher with 32gb ram and LESS SSD storage. I would rather have the ram, lots of SSD storage and keep it in budget. And I like the size is kept down with the maxQ.

  4. Paid a hefty premium for this laptop, after 5 months of content creation I am experiencing hinge problems and the chassis is bent. Keep in mind that I take good care of it and use it on a daily basis

  5. What do you recommend for Fortnite? The asus rog gu501gm with a 1060 6gb and a 120hz panel or for 180 dolars more the asus rog zephryus s with a 1070 max-q 8gb and a 144 panel.

    I’m really indecisive between these two and don’t know witch one to get, I don’t care about the money I just want the better performance. Thank you.


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