Fujifilm Camera Settings for Street Photography

By REQUEST! This is a followup to my camera settings for portraits video! We all have different ways to do things, so help OTHERS! In the comments, share your favorite settings for shooting street photography.

Portrait setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXxRp7-7ntI&t=6s

Will do a film simulation video down the road.

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My Favorite Fujifilm Gear

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Comment (29)

  1. Hi, I just bought a new Fuji X-T2 and unbox yesterday. I have face some serious issue.

    1. EVF freeze
    2. I want to view my picture but read error.
    3. I understand when right corner light is blinking means the memory card is recording the picture in the memory card, but it blinking almost 30 min and it can’t turn off.

    I have send back to distributor, and email to Fuji customer service.

    Anyone have same problem with me?

  2. Great video! Not all the streets around the globe are in the same lighting conditions. For Central Europe and Bucharest (my city) I use ISO 400, F5,6, 1/250 as starting point for day time. F8 and 1/500 are, yes, good starting point to. In the night I let the camera to choose the ISO (max 3200).

  3. Yeah, I have exactly the same lens on my Fuji Camera! 😁Great video Omar!
    Even tough I'm mostly into filming, I also love to do some street photography from time to time. But whenever it's possible I take my photos with an aperture of 2.0 😅

  4. I use the 23f1.4 with #fujixt2 and I have the camera set so I use front dial for ISO and back one for SS. I only set manually the f stops, usually around f8.
    I am a beginner so don't take my words as if I was a pro. I discovered this setting method early on and have stayed with it so far. I find the dials responsive enough and get me ready for what I want to shoot. Would that be fast enough for you? Eso, no lo puedo decir 🙂
    Oh, and i forgot to say that I am in M mode and I use the lens in its full capacity 😉

  5. I'am primarily a fuji street shooter with a focus on close subject. @dan.nolle
    My settings are aperture priority at f2 most of the time (depends on the subject) // auto iso(200-6400) // auto shutter min 100
    Compensation dial on sunny days at -2 EV because auto settings tend to burn the highlights and i like my exposure a little bit darker.
    Back button autofocus is a bit too slow for my taste on an x-e3 because of the position of the button. I like to shoot in single focus on 9 AF points focus on the middle and then recompose.
    IMPORTANT is to set the view mode to EVF only because if you power on the camera it takes some time to show the picture on the EVF with any other setting than this.
    Turn off auto power off in the camera settings. Sometimes you will forget to turn it off and then you will shoot something else and you wonder why the camera isn't working until you turn it off and on again. Don't walk around with the lens cap on this just takes too much time to remove. Buy an additional grip for your fuji camera this will help to grab the camera much faster if something cool happens.

    I hope that these tips will help someone because behind these tips are several hours of trial and error and many missed shots . 😃

  6. Hey friend! Lately I've been going full manual on my x-t20, but I haven't been using the top dials at all. I keep the ISO dial set to "A", and I keep the shutter speed on "T." Then I just use the front and rear command dials to change my settings while the camera is against my face. It doesn't feel as cool, but it's much faster – especially when using the pancake lens that already has the command dial control over aperture.

  7. Dude, the auto ISO did work. It kept the 6400 max you told it to keep. Because it was dark, it finally had no choice but to extend your slowest shutter speed. In other words, the auto ISO prioritizes the ISO range you gave it, then getting the correct exposure, and lastly the limit you gave on shutter speed. I think Fuji did it right. If you actually wanted it to underexpose, you could have just used your thumb on the exposure compensation dial.

  8. I prefer auto ISO, f/5.6 or f/8, and 1/500 for quick action in relatively bright outdoors shooting, which is one of your alternative options. Full manual and manual focus; you're a tough character! Thanks for a good one.

  9. I just set at f5.6 or f8.0 and minimum speed 1/125 with xf23f2 lens.
    Sometimes the blur is ok to accentuate movement. Another way is to use the P mode (Program , no Pee … duh 🙄). The point is me street photography is capturing the moment, technicality came second.
    Anyway, if you have time visit my IG instagram/ferdiyansurya


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