Canon Camera HACKED! STREET Photo Review, general nonsense (Tony & Chelsea LIVE)

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  1. It really turns my stomach every time you edit someone's photograph. I can see the two of you at the Museum of Modern Art, chattering away, act like you know something, recoloring Warhol, getting out your scissors. You are really clowns, and you give art a bad name and you both contribute to why photography just is just bullshit as an artform Susan Sontag notwithstanding. Can you even pronounce aesthetics? I'm sorry, but you don't speak for anybody but Sony and eye autfocus now when it comes to art. Decisions to crop or not, worrying about your histogram seem to cause the two of you to sweat. This is photography on the level of senior citizens at a rich person's shelter. Is that what you feel when you stand in front of a Velasquez? Or do you know who he was? Disgusted. Your neither smart nor funny. Nor even artists. And anybody can be an artist. Just ask you guys!

  2. Regarding the "Inverse Square Law", it's practical to relate it to EV units. 1EV more light means, get the lightsoure in onto the subject by half of the current distance. For 1EV less light move it away from the subject by the current distance (i.e doubling the distance). It doesn't get more complicated than that.

  3. I have a question regarding the white point. The examples you had in these pictures don't fit what I am describing but If you have a shady landscape at dusk (looking int the sea for example), if you create a white point then the mood will not be "the blue hour" and the picture will be, too "high key". Do you always need to have a white point?

  4. Guys I love these shows, but may I suggest: don't always encourage people to edit via the histogram. It's like mixing audio by looking at the EQ, rather than listening to the music. Not every image needs to contain the full range of shadows and highlights, or have max contrast, just like not all music needs to be mixed and compressed to be super shiny on the radio. Cheers

  5. "Send us a bitcoin or two?", that's about 10k-20k usd 😀
    About camera tariffs, you're aware that the tax was already increased in May 2019 from 10% to 25%, and the one that was postponed is an extra tax on top of that 25%?

  6. Chelsea is correct GIF is an acronym that stands for Graphics Interchange Format so there really is no debate how it should be pronounced hard G not J, a bit like people that say iso as a word instead of individual letters again an acronym.

  7. Interesting you say, “a person could sue” in the street, yet companies are filming us on CCTV constantly, that is okay, or reposts on Social Media, that is okay.
    Seems we accept double standards depending on who you are or your reason???? Comments on this would be interesting…..

  8. Why on Earth would you excpect any truth from National Geographic?
    Disney bought it off of Fox. The two great "story tellers" of the 20th21st Century.
    Truth is what you make it.

  9. Canon or someone need to build an adapter to use R lenses on EF mount DSLRs. So us owners of EF DSLRs can slowly upgrade and change out our EF lenses whilst we wait for the mirrorless Canon worthy of our hard earned money. We can’t all afford to take the huge hit and trade everything in at once. Doing it slowly would ease the pain.

  10. Hi Tony, Hi Chelsea ! Thanks a lot for these Great contents !! I have one question that's bugging me for a while now ever since one guy said that if you shoot some shit, it's gonna look shit if there is no production value. Shooting a film with RED without a production value will going to look as shit as some normal camera. Does this apply to photography as well ? For me, I just love the photographs no matter how dirty the streets and walls are. May be I'm not understanding what production value is or it doesn't not apply to photography ?

  11. The Canon haters as usual are out in full force, but what no one talks about is that the researchers that discovered this whole used a Canon camera due to its popularity but this hack is not limited to Canon.

  12. “Homelessness isn’t interesting” I’m very disappointed in you for that ignorant and naive statement, it’s changed my whole opinion of you. Having lived on the poverty line as a child, eating basic food, wearing second-hand clothes from charity shops for most of my childhood, you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about regarding homelessness.

    People don’t take photos of homeless people for entertainment, people take photos of homeless people because it makes you realise the inequality in humanity and society in the 21st century; that’s a story worth taking notice of! I’d much rather look at photos of homeless people with real life changing stories to tell and positively influence me, than fame and status greedy models without an ounce of understanding of how capitalism treats humanity.

  13. Tony – Yes, editors in photojournalism will check on the authenticity of a photo they suspect might be altered or have other ethical issues. Typically, they will request/demand to look at the raw take before and after the frame in question. That's usually determinative. (I said "raw", not "RAW" because most photojournalism is shot in JPEG, for reasons that are sometimes valid.)

    If the suspected violation is with the conduct of a photographer – as in "Is this a setup?" – you look at the raw take, other reputable photographers' work at the same event and talk to witnesses.

    It doesn't happen much. Because ethical violations are rare. A photojournalist's reputation for integrity is a critical asset. Without it, they don't have a job, simple as that. Integrity and trust are the brand equity of news organizations. An employee with ethical failings with usually be summarily fired. It's a small, tight-knit community. So blacklisted, too.

    It's important for consumers to look at credit lines. If a picture comes from a staffer photographer at a major wire service or newspaper that means you can bet your car that it's real. Somebody you've never heard of, working for something with "Liberty" or "Heritage" in its name, or "via" in the middle of the credit, well, that means something else.

  14. I have to admit I don't really get street photography. There are some great photos for sure, but a lot of them just look like snapshots of anything with a trashed on black and white filter to me.

  15. Do you think I could hire this "Hacker" to get the Wi-Fi working on my Nikon? If so I will allow him or her to set up the ransomware on my camera. You may laugh, but I think it just may be worth a kings ransom to me if I could just get my camera interacting smoothly with my phone and computer😉😜


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