Top 3 Performance Laptops

Dave2D comparison of the best laptops in 2018 for gaming and editing. Comparing build quality, performance, speakers, keyboard, trackpad, battery life and price.
Laptop Skins –
MSI GS65 –
Aero 15X –
Razer Blade 15 –
GM501 –
XPS 15 –
XPS 15 2 in 1 –
LG Gram 15 –

Individual Reviews:
XPS 15 2-in-1 –
Razer Blade 15 –
Asus GM501-
ZenBook Pro –
Aero 15X –
MSI GS65 –
LG Gram 15 –

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Fili – The Break

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  1. i would love this video with laptops at a cheaper price point, like anything under 800€. which can do lite photoshop editing and gaming at ok quality, like play lol and csgo etc

  2. Its incredibly hard to look for a top 2k gaming laptop these days. Everybody talks about cheap and light forgetting those people who can afford great 2k laptops. Dave…. where are these great 2k laptops for someone who stopped gaming on 1080p 4 years ago already.

  3. @Dave – please suggest a laptops which are suitable for Microsoft developers (VS Studio + SQL Server running on it + web Servers other imp stuff running on it)

  4. Perfect video again, as always. But actually could you do this type of comparison again this year soon, because almost all of those devices are coming or already came with newer versions, it's gonna be very exciting to see how much they could improve their flagships 🙂


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