Is a Used Gaming Laptop Worth It?

For $500 is a used gaming laptop worth it on a budget in 2018? Or should you get a new gaming laptop for Fortnite and PUBG?
More on the Acer Aspire 5:
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  1. I used to play fortnite on my computer… however, it's a XPS 15 9570. Everything is awesome about it performance wise!… except for the GPU. It is horrible and can play Fortnite alright at the lowest settings. When I say alright though, I mean sometimes it will freeze for a minute. Which isnt good. xP But otherwise, it's an awesome Laptop for 1000$

  2. I'm currently using an Alienware 14 that I got for $50.00 (No that's not a typo, I actually got it for 50 dollars) and it works great! I personally know the person I bought it from (It's my sisters husband, The dude's a complete asshole and thinks he's never wrong and knows everything.).

    I got it so cheap because the moron thought it was broke beyond repair. It ran extremely slow and when you would start the computer it would get stuck in a boot loop unless you pressed F8 immediately on startup and went through a few steps to start Windows. He told me that if I messed with any of the settings/tried to fix it, I would just completely break it (He thinks I'm stupid). Turns out the idiot had messed with the UEFI and Legacy boot modes and changed them. All I had to do was change them back and I fixed that issue.

    As for the computer running extremely slow, the computer had initially ran Windows 8 and I have no idea what the hell he did but he screwed the OS up to the point where I couldn't fix it. I tried resetting it back to factory settings and it did nothing (I mean I literally couldn't reset it, it refused to reset anyway I tried.). There was nothing I could do to fix it. So I ended up just completely removing Windows 8 and I installed Windows 10.

    Cosmetically the computer was disgusting and covered in food but I cleaned it up and it looks alright now. Theres a few scratches here and there but nothing major. One of the keys was missing but I got a replacement. The battery was shot but I replaced it as well. The only other thing that's wrong with it is the CD drive, It accepts CD's and can run them fine but when I go to eject the disc, it attempts to do it but fails. I tried replacing the CD drive, but the drive I ordered ended up being dead. I'm not too worried about it though as I rarely use CD's anymore.

    The computer works great now and since I don't really play games that are graphically intense, the older specs are perfectly fine.

  3. I thought about buying the 15.6" Acer laptop in December but i paid 100$ more for the 17.3" model instead that also includes a DVD burner/drive and the display is a 60hz IPS panel so there was more pluses going for a bigger system and the only difference i noticed is the battery lasts for a good 5 to 5 and half hours while the 15.6" model last about a hour longer.

  4. I just bought a used gaming laptop
    MSI GE60 2QD Apache
    i7 4720HQ @2.6gHz
    8gb DDR3L
    GTX 950m 2gb GDDR5
    Intel HD 4600
    SteelSeries RGB Backlit keyboard
    Dynaudio Speakers
    $498, does it worth it?. I am very delighted with the way the previous owner maintain the laptop with the physical condition still perfect and he never overclocked & do a heavy gaming on it. even the keyboard, webcam & warranty stickers haven't been removed.

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  6. What about the Alienware M14x R2, it's 2 years older, but comes with at core i7 3650HQ ( I think?) and 16 gb of RAM. I got none for$150. How would that compare on paper at least to the Acer?


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