Metro Exodus Gameplay: Alienware Area-51m PC Gaming Laptop (RTX 2080)

Metro Exodus gameplay on ultra graphic settings with ray tracing. Ernie showcases the awesome Area-51m’s gameplay performance with GPU/CPU thermal temps and FPS counter. View more gameplay videos on the best PC gaming desktops and laptops:

A new era begins with the Alienware Area-51m. Available Now:

System Configuration:
Alienware Area-51m
i9-9900K ( No Overclocking)
RTX 2080 (No Overclocking)
4x 8GB DDR4 2400 RAMM

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Comment (24)

  1. play cs-go everyday with M14x! i5 3210m with 650m 6gb allows me to play in 2019! cannot WAIT till summer im gonna pick up A51M it is exactly what iv been watiing for thanks for channel and reviews!

  2. I would have bought one if the screen was 1440p. My last laptop was 1440 but it was a tn panel and absolute trash in terms of picture quality. My current laptop is 4k and has incredible color accuracy & viewing angle. If they release a non tn panel by the end of the year, I will likely buy the 51m.

  3. Can you please stop with the marketing videos until you are able to produce? I'm waiting close to a month now, and my order keeps getting delayed because of material shortage.

    Not to be mean or anything. I love you and your products. But I don't know if it will ever arrive and the support is coming with the same answers over and over again.

  4. this game is amazing. it's the first one i started playing on my Area 51m (i9 9900k, RTX2080, 32gb ram, 1tb Raid 0/1TB SSHD). i'm getting similar FPS using the second stock overclock option since i am playing it on an external monitor. i'm using an Alienware 34in ultrawide monitor pluged into the displayport mini cable at 120hz with G-Sync on. only different graphics settings i am using is 3440×1440 resolution, motion blur normal, DLSS on, hairworks on, advanced physx on. loving this laptop so far.


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