Lenovo Legion Y740 Gaming Laptop Review

The Lenovo Y740 is a popular gaming laptop, but why is that the case? Let’s find out everything about it in this detailed review to help you decide if it’s a laptop you should consider buying. I’m testing the 17 inch version here, which has a few differences over the 15 inch model.

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i7-8750H + RTX 2080 Max-Q: https://amzn.to/2XPdllp

Forum thread covering fan control removal issue with BIOS update: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Gaming-Laptops/Bring-back-fan-control-to-the-Legion-Y740/td-p/4465666

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Comment (44)

  1. Thank you so much for your outstanding review. I am considering buying the 15 model. Shoud i choose the rtx 2060 or rtx 2070 max-q version? Right now in AU the difference in price is just about 250 AUD because it is on sale.

  2. Ok well I think I decided on this laptop.. cause it's 2800 AU bucks (with current 10 % discount) with 1TB nvme, 32GB ram, 2070 max Q, and 9750H processor. A bit cheaper for same specs in 15" model. The price and latency mon has convinced me, and I think I just have to live without thunderbolt. Edit, it has thunderbolt! $2900 AU with 2 year onsite warranty and spec as above. I

  3. i don't want to be rude to lenovo but there gaming laptops are good but like not powerful i bet lenovo can't make a very very powerful laptop because i trust alienwares powerful laptop their area 51m

  4. Hey Jarrod, after further checking, looks like the bios in my y740 is still the old one (AVCN17WW(V1.07)). do you think I should update to the latest one, considering the missing fan shortcut?

  5. Jarrod can you please tell me which one you would recommend? All have 17.3 screen 144Hz, i7-9750H, RTX 2070, 16gb Ram.
    Lenovo Y740 $2700 Pros: g-sync, 1TB SSD + 1TB 7200 HDD. Cons: Max-Q RTX.
    Asus scar iii $3000 Pros: No Max-Q RTX, 1TB SSD. Cons: No g-sync.
    Dell G7 17 $2700 Cons: Max-Q RTX, 256gb sdd + 1tb 5400 hdd, No g-sync.

  6. They couldn't put a full fat mobile gpu in a one inch thick chassis? Those fuckers at lenovo needs to get fired. Not to mention it seems they ran out of heatpipes too. Even with mq gpu this won't be efficient in any way

  7. Do you still have you y530 and if so are you gonna replace it with the y540 or are you ever going to add liquid metal to your y530. I recall you repasting the y530 before with no improvements so was curious if you were gonna liquid metal your y530 bc im considering doing it to my y540 but would like to watch it done first so i dont fuck it up lmao.

  8. Just discovered your channel, these reviews are so well done and insightful they make other tech channels obsolete. INSTANT SUB
    What is the quietest/pleasant-sounding gaming laptop for audio production/game dev/casual gaming in your opinion?

  9. Hey Jarods tech, outstanding review as always.
    I have a question about your RGB cooling pad, can you please give us the amazon link as it looks quite nice and would love to get one

  10. There was a deal that ended yesterday on Lenovos website where you can pick this model up with an i7-9750 and 512gb ssd and it included an oculus rift for 1863.99

  11. Awesome review as always. That being said – which gaming laptop would you pick if you were to get one today? My desktop just died and I have limited space and I'm ready to pull the trigger sooner than later. This was going to be my go to, but I think the GS75 8SG might be the right choice…


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