DJI Mavic Pro | Best Camera Settings 2 | UPDATED Color Profiles

****NOTE***** As of 3/12/17 the color profile names have been changed…FOR THE THIRD TIME! I’ll be doing yet ANOTHER updated video soon on these profiles. Thanks for your patience.

The are now named as follows….



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Comment (23)

  1. Hey Frederick, I seem to be having focus issues with my Mavic Pro camera.. It appears to struggle with thin wispy branches way too often. I called DJI and they suggested that it was just lag due to 4k images not being reproduced adequately by my viewer… (I'm not buying that)

    I have heard of other owners complaining about soft focus in random areas of their images & suspect I might have a defective camera… Could you please take a look at the opening shot of this video and see if you notice the same problem I do? It occurs a few times throughout this piece especially on the right side when inside the brick building..

    This is a bit of a departure from the normal majestic beauty shots.. Just an experiment of sounds and images that would be so much better were it not for soft focus!

    I still love flying this bird but would like sharper images. I'm pretty
    diligent about focusing before I start a particular shot so, I truly do
    not believe it's operator error.. Thanks for your time and all the
    tutorials.. Jp

  2. Great videos, best I have seen as a new getting my drone passion!

    I hope this help others also and thanks for you amazing videos, saving me so much ramp up time.

    Questions: 1. When you do post processing in premier, is there anything special you have to do when they talk about raw or does the 4K 24fps, D-Cinelike give you that? Or better yet, what do they mean by Raw?
    Question 2: What recommend for mavic pro
    Video Size: 4K 409kk, 3840 or 2720?
    FPS 24 or 30 ( I figure you can always digital zoom in PP)?
    Video Format Mov or MP4 (does this have to do with PP results)?
    NTSC or PAL?

    What I really want is to be able to create the amazing sky's you are but my landscape is changing and the size changes as I do point of interests from the center point of homes on golf courses for example.

  3. Hi Frederick, wondering if you can help? I cant find the film profiles on the dji go 4 app and was told they are only on the other DJI GO APP. But my android phone only works with DJI GO 4. Any suggestions?

  4. Awesome content! I subscribe and watch as much as possible. I'm trying to edit on iPhone 7 Plus in the field using my Mavic but I can't download the Mavic video because it's 4K (default). If I set at 3840 X 2160 can I download into iMovie? My GoPro 4K files work, but no dice for Mavic. I don't want 1080p if I can help it. Not sure if I should change to mov instead of MP4?
    I have an sd micro card adapter to lightning but it always says "file not supported." Figured you may know how to make this happen.

  5. Hi thanks for the video, I'm just starting filming so I don't wanna deal with a lot post processing, which setting would you recommend if I want just to use the clip as it comes off the camera. You mention Film H profile, is that the one you recommend 0 post processing ?

  6. Hi thanks for this tips Please could you let me know if you record this video in 4K? Can you please let me know your camera settings on this video please
    I really appreciate that
    I would like an set up that I don't need to work out on this video late which set up do you recommend?
    Thanks again

  7. If I may, I have a suggestion for a future episode. It would be helpful to learn what a novice or experienced pilot should do in an emergency situation. I have read a few comments/posts within groups about pilot's suddenly losing control of their aircraft during an unexpected scenario, such as low battery, loss of connection, return to home/pause button not responding, etc.


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