Buying A Gaming Laptop for 2018 – What to Avoid?

A buying guide to choosing the best gaming laptop going into 2018 with six-core Coffee Lake CPUs and high refresh 120 HZ screens.
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2017 was an awesome year for gaming laptops. The Nvidia GTX 10 series graphics chips gave a huge boost to mobile gaming. If you’re looking to buy a laptop going into 2018, here are my thoughts on what to look for and what to avoid.

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  1. you are right except apple 😀 i know many apple user have horror stories too. Just recently saw how a genious bar employee broke when try to fix a laptop and give it back as nothing happen XD

  2. Laptops are shit in general. I had 4 Laptops so far not 1 of them lasted longer then 2 years without having lagg / starting issues or whatever. Rather spend 500 bucks more on a real PC which will technically last forever if you take care of it.

  3. Well, shoot. I just ordered the Lenovo Legion Y530 (it-8750H w/ GTX 1060) and it's got a 60hz screen. Instant buyer's remorse for not finding a 120+hz screen instead?

  4. Thanks for this super helpful video. I decided to get a laptop for gaming and would like have things like an i7, 144hz, geforce 1060 and am hoping to stay under $1400 do you have any recommendations? I have seen some laptops with these features and in my price range but I am worried I could get one that could get too hot or not be good for what I want. I would greatly appreciate to hear your thoughts on what may be best for me?

    Also, I mainly play FPS like Destiny 2 and other similar games.


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