Dell Inspiron 7567 Review – $800 GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop!

Dave2D review of the Inspiron 7567 with GTX 1050 or GTX 1050 TI. Is this the best gaming laptop to buy under $800?!
Magnetic Hourglass –
Inspiron 7000 –

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Comment (49)

  1. Bom dia, procuro um notebook deste modelo para comprar porém pode estar com a placa queimada e outros itens também, caso alguém tenha um nessas condições para me vender (máquina parada) entre em contato comigo via whatasapp 11 981352458

  2. 0:44 DELL just need to work with MECHANICAL ENGİNEERS! I don't know what they drink but this red painted heat grills will decrease heat transfer like %30 !
    It should be copper or aluminum! Why did you paint them DELL?

  3. I was playing Fortnite with this and idk what happened but I think my Hard drive got damaged because of it and now it says my hard drive isnt detected 🙁

  4. i used to have the 1050 version but I swapped the TN panel for an IPS panel off Ebay. It was really good but I upgraded to a desktop this year with a 2070. I still use the laptop though. It is built really well, speakers are good, but the fans can get pretty noisy on mine. Its a great device and I still use it for gaming on the go. 9/10

  5. This laptop always power throttles AND has faulty fans. I had the fans replaced last 4 months because of the right fan's loud buzzing. The problem came back recently. Really frustrating

  6. I wouldn't reccomend this laptop, I own it and its caused so much problems for me. Whenever I'm in a vc in discord everyone says theres an echo and its coming from me, I've tried asking for help but no solution has been solved for it. Another problem is that sometimes the screen FREEZES and I can't do anything about it but to turn the whole laptop off and restart. Another prorblem is that some games that use to run really well is now laggy and graphics dont render and im Locked at 60fps.

  7. PowerThortlling every Day now.
    Here in brazil this "notebook gamer" it's very expensive, if regrement kill i was dead…
    TDP fucked up only in 12W :/
    PowerThortlling too.
    Playng dota 1, fucking Warcraft III with big fps drops. ( 2002 game)
    The witcher iii, gta v and others AAA games i barely try play now.
    It's sad but after one year with this product tryng all things to solve the problems, undervolt cpu and gpu, i know, i waste my time and money.
    Paleative solution.
    It,s time to sell this shit gamer notebook, build an fucking pc gamer or buy one vehicle.
    It,s sad but is True.
    Nevermore to 'chep' notebook gamer.
    The cheaper price here in brazil isn't cheaper, are about 6~7 minimal wages, out of reality by most of brazilian.
    Expensive bullshit.
    It,s better buy a car.

  8. I actually bought this laptop b4 i watched this video. With everything i throw at it, it just guts it. Even playing Resident Evil 2 remake at medium while recording, its smooth as butter, no frame drops. And even playing CS:GO at medium while recording, maybe a few frame drops, but they only last a second.

  9. DONT GET THIS GARBAGE PLEASE CANT EVEN RUN FORTNITE AT 60 FPS REALLY BAD!!!!!! Its been a struggle trying to game with this cant wait for my new pc tomorrow PLS LISTEN


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