The Cheapest Laptop EVER! | Lenovo IdeaPad 130 Review

This laptop is cheap, but what do you get from a laptop that only costs 209.99 bucks. well let me show you. this is the cheapest laptop ever the Lenovo Ideapad 130 review. if you have 200 bucks should you spend it on this or save up?


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  1. First of all thanks for your efforts we appreciate it ,
    Second when you are reviewing a cheap cheap laptop don't even think about "keyboard feel" , and don't go cinabench coz buyers couldn't care less about that too , should've done a simple everyday browsing , maybe try online games , play hd videos on YouTube , tell us about the IO not editing capabilities , does it have usb3 ? Talk about battery life , upgrade ability , maybe mention the specs
    So basically your review of this laptop is of no value ,a complete waste of time and battery really ,
    Sorry but as I said I appreciate you trying but failing to make a video of any value

  2. I have same laptop. It's light and compact. I replaced 1TB HDD by 240 gb SDD, It run fast enough for my normal daily use ( office stuffs, youtube, web browsing). UHD 620 is not so bad, I can play Dota 2 at 720p, lowest setting 40-50 fps steadily

  3. For the school is perfect, I buy it today for $ 241 at Best Buy 4gb ram 128ssd AMD A9 AMD Radeon R5 for the price you can not ask for more, for the school is perfect

  4. Lenovo's model labeling is confusing. i purchased a lenovo ideapad 130-15ast. on the label on the store it said it has a cd driver, on the side there seem to look like a tray but has no button. i found out after a week that this is not a cd driver, but probably it's hard drive, and i noticed some videos they have AMD A5, meanwhile mine is A4. though i have no regrets on the purchase, performance is not best but acceptable for the price, battery and camera are worst. i kept this plugged because if i use it on battery it will just stay for maxmum of 3 hours with light usage, and 2-2.5 hours for regular to heavy usage. only disappointing thing for me was the CD drive which i was hoping.


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