Black / Blank / BSOD / Blue Screen on HP Laptop

I’ve been seeing a couple of modern HP laptops that exhibit the same symptoms resulting from a failed hard disk drive. The computer either boots to a blank/black screen and then restarts itself in an endless loop, or, in the case of the one in this video where I had ‘auto restart on error’ disabled, you get a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) upon boot-up. The option to repair Windows behaves the same way.

Fortunately, HP has a built-in hard drive diagnostic utility that any modern HP laptop owner can use, regardless of experience – IF ONLY THEY KNEW IT WAS THERE!

If you own a modern HP laptop, or you’re a computer technician, watch this video and change hours of diagnostic time into just two minutes!

Messages on technician forums I visit are discussing this same problem, so it seems to be something unique to HP and the hard disk drives they use. I’m sure I’ll be seeing another again soon.

HDD vs SSD – What is the difference?

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