Trying to fix my Brother-in-Law’s 10yr old Laptop…

My sister said that her 10yr old laptop isn’t working and asked if I could fix it… can I? Watch and find out. But probably not.

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Trying to fix my Brother-in-Law’s 10yr old Laptop… | JayzTwoCents



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Comment (25)

  1. If anyone else ever has this issue try to use linux to read the drive itself. I had a dead drive windows couldn't even read and I used linux to get all the data off of it.

  2. This happened to my mom's old laptop and lost all work and family photos from hdd. I am building her new desktop and wanted to know if this issue will have a chance of happening again if I use SSD drive only.

  3. so the obvious performance differences between the 2 laptops aside (better CPU, RAM, etc), when you placed them side by side and said, basically, "look how much "better" the new one is than the old one, what are you basing that "progress" on? the size difference? the styling? the weight?

    i'm all for getting more performance out of the same size (or smaller) components…but that doesn't necessarily mean that your "smaller" laptop is "better".

    personally, it's a deal-breaker if my laptop doesn't have a number pad on it. I HATE THE NUMBER ROW. it's far easier to type in numbers on a numpad than it is trying to use that row. the addition of that numpad is obviously gonna make that laptop's case a little bigger.

    also, what if you actually WANT a larger screen? some people use their laptop for more than just sitting 18" away from it while they type on it and/or play some games. what if you want to set up your laptop at a hotel room 10 feet away and still be able to see the screen while you watch Netflix or Youtube (or whatever)? try THAT with a 14"/15" screen, and don't come crying when you get a headache because you're trying to squint to see it.


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