Wearable Power System

The Wearable Power System is a fuel cell prototype that could significantly cut the weight carried by Soldiers during extended missions.

The WPS provides similar or better performance than the present Army wearable battery while decreasing the carried battery weight and volume by 50% for a 72 hour mission. A decrease in weight without loss of capability will not only increase Soldier mobility and lethality, it will also afford Soldiers more real estate to carry other mission-essential equipment.

The WPS powers individual Soldier devices or all of a Soldier’s ensemble devices – such as worn radios and End User Devices – through a power distribution system. It consists of a power unit with an internal starting battery, fuel gauge and fuel cartridges. The power supply is worn in a conformal battery pouch on an IOTV vest. The extra fuel cartridges are carried in other pouches or in a rucksack.

The Fuel state can be determined by pressing the button and reading fuel indicator lights or by reading the fuel state on the EUD. If the internal WPS starting battery runs down, it can be charged using a standard battery charger, solar panel, or kinetic energy device.

Moreover, used cartridges can be discarded without worry as they are environmentally friendly.

Learn more:
-Army engineer awarded for advancements in power, lightening load: http://www.cerdec.army.mil/news_and_media/Army_engineer_awarded_for_advancements_in_Soldier_power_lightening_load/

-Wearable fuels cells shown to slash Soldier weight: http://www.cerdec.army.mil/news_and_media/Wearable_fuels_cells_shown_to_slash_Soldier_weight/


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