Overpowered 17 Walmart Gaming Laptop Review (Recommended by LinusTechTips lol!) i7 8750H & GTX 1060

NVME SSD for Upgrade: https://amzn.to/2N8xUkt

OwnOrDisown’s Review of this Laptop: https://youtu.be/W2V2V8SaAWY

After the drama about Walmart’s OP desktop line and them shipping messed up units to reviewers, it was a surprise to everyone when the laptops came out and didn’t disappoint.

Where Walmart apparently had people to assemble the desktops themselves, these laptops are based on a TongFang Chassis shared by other brands like Eluktronics, Origin PC and others. Basically it’s a pre-built laptop, and the retailer can just configure the memory, storage and OS as they want.

I am really happy with this so far, and happy that I jumped on the deal while it was live. Did you happen to grab one of these, or are you’re waiting for an RTX laptop?

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  1. Very nice review! Are you looking forward to selling your unit? I'm looking for one lol (if you have any other recommendations or know someone who is selling an OP, I'm interested)

  2. Hi Sean, my light bar stopped working when I updated to BIOS 1.08. Is there any chance you can export a registry key and post it to be downloaded? It comes from this fix:
    Solution #2 (Tested on BIOS 1.08)

    a) From a laptop with a working Light Bar, export the following registry key using RegEdit utility


    b) Copy this registry file to the machine with the broken light bar

    c) Import this registry file into the machine in (b) by double clicking on the file

    d) Reboot

    e) If the light bar still is not working, perfom Solution 1 above.

    But I don't have a working one to export the reg key.

  3. i mean their just eluktronics. laptops so they should be good plus if someone wants one just got to eluktronics. and make your own with what you want but for the price the op was defiantly a good deal not ridicules but decent deal

  4. Hey Sean, I was able to grab one for $999 before they went out of stock…. I'm having two issues;

    1. I can't get Throttlestop to run. Temps are really good but I always want better. I get a "could not open winring0.dll". I am just running Windows defender and read that may be the cause?

    2. I always use my system plugged in and start it up that way as I only use it for gaming. It's always said (when hovering over power icon) plugged in charging or 100% charged. Recently it will say ' plugged in, discharging'. To fix it, I just reboot. However, idk why the change? Any ideas?

  5. I was able to do a clean installation of Windows 10.

    1. Download the ISO from the Microsoft page.

    2. I opened my laptop and remove the SSD that is included.

    3. Place my EVO 970.

    4. I put the USB with the ISO.

    5. I turned on my laptop and automatically started the Windows 10 installation.

    6. The only driver that downloaded was OP Control Center. (5MB).

    Everything works perfectly, I did not have to install any additional driver.

  6. Hi, after watching your video, I decided to buy this laptop. I want to thank you was an excellent purchase. I have a couple of doubts.
    1. Bios is in version 1.03 do you recommend updating to 1.08? Will there be any improvement? Currently the laptop works wonderfully.
    2. Do you think that if I do a clean installation of windows I will have problems with the drivers? I have a 250GB EVO 970 NVMe SSD where I would like to install the windows.

  7. Have you done any testing on the SSD and HDD that come with the laptop? I'd love to know the speeds, especially on the SSD. 🙂 Really sorry if they're in the video.. I'll definitely watch it a little later, right now I'm a little busy.

  8. Great review man, this is the third review of 17inch chassis after owndisown and one from illegear, I bought the same machine. Going to replace my Dell G7 with it cos even at 15inch its bulky and has very low screen brightness, although its built like a tank

    you can easily go -125mv core/cache undervolt with this chip though, and -70mv on GPU. I haven't faced any crashes at even lower settings on my G7 running from last 6 months


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