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1. PRO X

2. ikiPele

3. GoBout

4. RA

5. CampMaid

6. TriTac

7. MK3

8. Schrade SCHF28

9. AR500 Armor

10. Miller Bros. Blades


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  1. The GoBot hardly saves the environment from generating less bottles … to the contrary, just another plastic made gadget that might be useful for whoever doesnt want to carry all sorts of bulky bottles … but it will still need 10'000 years to decompose.

  2. Why would i pay 90 dollars for a glorified flash light when i i dont know buy a flash light thats powered by water or solar energy and where in the wilderness will i need a pen??? And where in the wild do i need to break a window? And what situation will i get shot in the woods what a bear wolf or a bunny or a fucking moth will shoot me with a glock??? And why do i need a expensive ass knife for the wilderness if it gets the job done then ill buy i think i can even find a cheaper knife and in what situation will i need what is a glorified fucking samurai sword??? what am i gonna get jumped by weebs who have the power of god and fucking anime on their side???? It doesnt make sense? and that purifier ohhhh that purifier unless i have a power bank that i can charge by cranking it using water or solar energy its useless and if the battery runs out and i have no other forms of energy and im lost in the woods what do i do and i can buy something that doesnt have to take time to to charge like i dont know A FUCKING LIFE STRAW AND WHERE THE FUCK AM I GONNA FIND THE INGREDIENTS FOR A FUCKING PIZZA WHAT IMPROVISE WITH BUGS WORMS BARK AND DIRT???????AND IM 12 I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO TALK TO A GIRL YET OR DO TAXES

  3. He failed to mention that all the ar 500 was is a bulletproof tax vest. He also said it was for survival and didn’t say anything about the magazine pouches very clearly show in the videos

  4. 1. its fine
    2. I can use an empty canned food and use can opener to make better than that plus I don't need pellets when I got twigs and sticks around in the forest. I prefer using an empty food can instead of wasting 150 dollars because steel cans can produce heat once you lit it up the fire inside the can.
    3. I have to say its a waste which I don't think its necessary survival gear but good for lugged travel like hotel
    4. Why do I have feeling it remind me the movie some smart guy decided to try wearing the device as underwear instead of a helmet?
    5. ok its not bad but still need work
    6. another tool being unnecessary
    7. not bad but need improving like safety cap for the emergency button because what the odd someone accidentally hit the button and may cause the rescuer people come looking for the person who did that.
    8. I'm sorry which knife do better (see a bunch knives) yea I think its an excuse for the time being but pretty good knife thou.
    9. its fine.
    10. why a sword or all this stuff, a machete is fine, a knife/dagger is fine but why a sword? Are we slaying goblin in the forest (clapping slowly).

  5. I am never surprised by the amount of useless junk people think they need to 'survive'. "Hey honey, the SHTF, grab the face wash, the space pen and the wood pellets. Load up with 40 lbs. of awsome electronics that will last about 3 days and we should be good……… I love my Kbar.

  6. Camping. This is camping gear, not survival gear.

    I am a 240lbs man with an above average strength/size ratio and I can tell you now that anything above 3lbs is too heavy and is getting left out from the sack. Maybe the tent can be heavier if it is an ''all in one'', but even that tops out at about 8 lbs.

    I have a huge knife, and I mean huge, almost big enough to compensate for my small penis, and even that is about 45 ounces.

  7. This vid is full of bs. The Schrade pen is stupid and a waste. Not to mention the knife isn’t even that good and you can get way better like a morakniv or an esee. The only useful survival item on here is the cooking equipment. The ar500 armor isn’t for survival and is used as body armor for protection against bullets. Also the sword part is just straight up stupid. Not to mention this video is for survival and camping and they recommend heavy items. You want to have your gear be as light as possible for easy travel. This video should be reported for misinformation, clickbait, and lies.

    Edit: The title did say tactical and survival. With that said tho the only useful tactical thing on here is the body armor and I don’t think anyone plans on wearing a 20 pound bullet proof vest everyday.

  8. None of the stuff u showrd is worth the money can get the exact same thing from china for literally 10 dollars or less literally getting compesated from company for this scam as usual

  9. Sooooo I saw maybe three items that are survival related. The rest of this crap is just that, crap. A 17 lbs water filtration system? Are you serious!!! Who the hell is going to lug a 17 lbs water filter. This channel sucks. Thumbs down.

  10. I'll preface this by saying I love watching these survival gear videos for fun and ideas but if you're actually looking to survive then the only thing this stuff will do is make your corpse look awesome. Start spending 5 bucks a month on rice, beans, bottled water.


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