Installing Laminate Flooring For The First Time // Home Renovation

This week, I conquered my first home renovation project, installing laminate flooring on a concrete slab floor in our finished basement. Thanks to Arrow Fastener for sponsoring this video, check out Arrow’s full line of tools and fasteners :

🛠 Wondering about the tools I use? Check them out here!

📦 Materials Used On The Laminate Flooring Installation (affiliate) :

Pergo Brier Creek Laminate Flooring & Pergo Gold Underlayment :
Arrow 1 1/2″ Brad Nails :
Quarter Round Trim :
Laminate Moulding Kit :

🛠 Tools Used On The Laminate Flooring Installation (affiliate) :

Flooring Installation Kit :
Dead Blow Mallet :
Miter Saw :
Jig Saw :






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  1. Great video. I work with many professional flooring installers and they highly recommend renting a portable storage container for projects like this. Gives the homeowner lots of extra space to manage the contents of the rooms that are being redone for a very reasonable price. Our company is . Good luck with your project.

  2. I installed a very small area of laminate flooring in one of my closets with 3 walls and a doorway. The closet is 35×25 inches. I used and underlayment and went with the recommended 3/8 inch expansion gap between all the walls. I assume most "floating" floors stay in place because of the friction between the large surface area of connected laminate and the floor, however, since the area I did was so small, the flooring is essentially a 35×25 inch square board that slides around under the trim. Is there something I should have done differently here? What should I do to fix this? Would a single nail in the middle of the floor still allow for expansion if needed? Anybody with helpful information will be extremely appreciated. Thanks.

  3. really enjoyed this video and thanks for leaving the little mistakes in it definitely helps remind to check and double check which way round your board is, great video thankyou


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