New MSI Laptops Live At Computex 2019

Let’s see what new laptops MSI have on show at Computex 2019.

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Comment (38)

  1. Why no love for the MSI P75? Everywhere I look there is no reviews but it looks like a solid spec laptop for creators. Anyone have input on this or MSI quality?

  2. I wish they would just move all of the ports to the back of the machine and then I would instantly buy one. As it is, being plugged in all day to external screen, lan, mouse, power, it would be a mess. The cooling could just as easily blow out both sides instead of taking up the whole back plate.

  3. Hi mate, I have few questions would you inform me with your wise researches I will buy a laptop for my engineering lessons I'll usually use cad programs also I'll play every kind of AAA games and dota2 so here's my question what is the most efficient laptop which has RTX 2060, I choosed that graphic card because of that shows my limit of budget if you can help me I'll be appreciated I really confused.

    By the way thanks for the dota2 reviews probably you're the only reviewer which do it this also you're giving us everything deeply in your reviews. I hope you'll take of your labor's response.

  4. I feel like the black color looks more sleek and premium on laptops and certain types of dark grey look appealing. I like the carbon fiber look on laptops tho it's got a very premium feel to it as well.

  5. Awesome vid, Jarrod. Thanks!

    Can you ask MSI if there will be a new Titan variant laptop that retains the fantastic Steel Series Mechanical Keyboard? A "classic laptop-style keyboard" is a HUGE downgrade from the Steel Series Mech. For programmers/writers/creators it's like going from a $900k zero-compromise supercar to a $12k economy sedan.

    No mechanical keyboard will be an absolute deal-breaker for many GT75 buyers. Please ask them to consider giving us a next-gen variant with the best mobile keyboard ever designed (on the current GT75).

    Thanks, & keep making excellent videos!

  6. Any Ryzen 2 17 inch gaming monster laptops in the same vein as the GT76, Alienware Area 51m or Clevo P870? Something with the new Zen2 6 and 8 core chips paired with RTX MXM cards?

  7. Something about the white msi laptops always looked off to me. Guess I'm just so used to seeing them in black. That GT 76 Titsn looks boss. Basically an open bottom for cooling. I'll be surprised if that doesn't out perform the Area 51-m

  8. Also, im not too sure about the GF63 thermal. I watched the video but still not sure. The GL73 has a Cooler Boost 5 dual-fan which probably keep the laptop cooler. Which means that one will last longer I guess?

  9. i want to buy a laptop but i need help to choose. GF63 1050ti max q 4gb for 789$ with a MSI loot box (inside randomly a MSI Gaming Headset or Mouse) or a GL73 GTX 1060 6gb with a Bundle like 1 year norton, a GTX Fortnite Bundle (which actually already ended but i still get it if I buy), and Softwares which have a price of 300$ for 970$?


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