Sorry, took a nap.
You’ve been good. Look a video is here, made it in old SFM beta we did.
Original clip is from Comedy Bang Bang with Jon Hamm


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  1. [12:54:25 PM] Chaos: Loved that animator
    [12:54:32 PM] Thor: Same.
    [12:54:35 PM] Thor: No clue where he is now
    [12:54:37 PM] Chaos: Seen it ages ago
    [12:54:49 PM] Chaos: Haven't seen anymore work from him in a long time
    [12:54:58 PM] Thor: Last vid was 1 year ago.
    [12:55:03 PM] Thor: Sadly.
    [12:55:10 PM] Chaos: Been a bit
    [12:57:39 PM] Chaos: I used to watch all his videos over and over again
    [12:58:03 PM] Thor: Sometimes I do lol
    [12:58:10 PM] Thor: Skype molments man
    [12:58:26 PM] Chaos: I out aged it tho
    [12:58:43 PM] Chaos: Must've been years and years ago now
    [12:59:13 PM] Thor: Wouldn't suprise me.
    [12:59:21 PM] Thor: He's been out there for a long time.


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