PlayBox – The PS4 / XBOX ONE Combo Laptop

The new (and probably last) EdsJunk Portable console! It is the PlayBox Laptop. It is a Playstation 4 AND a XBOX ONE Combination Laptop. Yes thats right, bot a PS4 and a XBOX ONE is crammed into this one laptop. Check out more on


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  1. So happy i found this channel. About a month ago i was wondering why no one has made a system that can play playstation and xbox game. Also what is the reason the disc readers cant be programmed to play both types of console games so as to have one disc slot? Is just some legal bs and proprietary software or something else entirely?

  2. Seriously… this is the biggest flop i have seen, quite possibly of all time. We are not in the 90's/2000's anymore.. Why would anyone want to wait that long for a consol to start up??


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