Samsung Galaxy S10 First 30 Things You Should Do Immediately To Make It 10x Better -YouTube Tech Guy

In this video I go into the first things you should do immediately with your new Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, or Galaxy S10e which will make your phone 10 times better than it comes out of the box

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  1. I'm that..first and the last in the knight tha bad and good tha alfa an Omega the alfa you the Omega One..THA SON GOD.. went you see a man in every social media when in the radio you talk about the same person it's for a reason than everything camin true..that 's tha ONE that what l's tha knight tha day for sure coming..don't "V" afrey..cicle..

  2. I got mine yesterday and just dropped it while out walking and watched it bounce down the road a few rotations. I thought the $50 clear case was too much but it saved my phone.

  3. Tiny hands for tiny phone!. I got this phone send it to me by mail from t mobile, it feels like Burger King`s or McDonald`s. Amazing phone, but it is to small. I`m gonna wait for note 10.

  4. Samsung…for the love of God- allow owners to properly disable / delete Bixby if they see fit. Stop playing games with buttons & give your customers what they want – not what you want

  5. Nice tips pretty useful except the whitestone screen protector there not very good I've used them before their not very good and break very easily

  6. Great video, I have the S10e and I used some of these tips! One question, how do I change the alert tone only for text messages, so I can differentiate from other alerts?

  7. How do i stop my s10+ from switching off the wifi all the time?
    Its so annoying that once my screen goes black my wifi switches off and i have to tap the icon to switch it off then again to put back on only for it to do again once the screen goes off

  8. Thank you for this vid!

    (…Steve Wilhite, the inventor of the widely used Web illustration, declared gif should be pronounced “jif,” like the brand of peanut butter, rather than with a hard G sound.)

  9. Just got the S10. Dolby Atmos is the biggest gimmick on the phone. Does nothing but get rid of the highs and lowers the mids while pushing more low-end bass. Even with good headphones or Premium audio system its Awful for music. Especially, If you're already listening to high-quality music. Dolby Atmos for phones was probably made for people that listen to low-quality music with horrible headphones. Even then, you're losing a lot of good sound with Dolby Atmos on. Bullshit EQ setting that does nothing to "improve sound quality". However, it does increase the phone speaker volume slightly by increasing highs, probably why they implemented the software for that front firing speaker. I wish they'd just add 32bit audio a better DAC with real AMP technology.

    All these kids probably think they're getting better quality music with Atmos on, LMAO


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