Specs i7 6700hq, 16 GM DDR4 2400 MHz RAM, Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU, 128 GB SSD and 1 TB Storage.
Games tested: Rainbox Six siege, Rise of the Tomb raider, The Witcher 3, Metro Last light, Battlefield 1, Crysis 3, Assassins creed Syndicate, GTA V, Firestrike Extreme, timeSpy, Doom.
Introduction: 00:11
Ports: 02:45
Size and weight 04;36
Look Inside/Upgradability 05:15
Screen 08:11
Speakers 09:35
Fan Noise 10:32
Chassis Temps 11:09
Battery Life 11:28
Trackpad and Software 12:01
The Bios 14:40
Extreme temperature test 15:13
Benchmarks 16:08
Conclusion 19:31


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Comment (30)

  1. I don't recommend buying an Alienware laptop at all. 1 month after I bought my Alienware 17R4 it crashed and I had to have a dell service technician bring a bootable USB. After that half a day with dell remote access to get it running normally. Now just a few months past my 1 year warranty and the motherboard short circuited. It's not even 2 years old and I'm out $1,700.00 as of today. Well if you buy one expect to pay for an expensive warranty and then extend it because if you don't you'll end up a certain creek without a paddle. Just buy something else and avoid DELL products completely. Trust me I'm just trying to save you a very painful and depressing headache. Cheers. Oh but it played games great before it died. So I guess there's that?

  2. Finally found a review that's the same as mine,I'm for sure keeping mine after I put $1000 savage SSD ,nvme, and a pci express in I guess it also has a 7700hq instead of the i7-6700hq

  3. Had a question for you. have had a really off issue with a laptop just returned fro repair and now it throttles even at lower temps of around 75c max recorded. Even playing games like starcraft 2 causes the issue. checked a number of things and all that i can see is that in xtu even with undervolting the cpu is hitting thermal throttle and it says average is yes. Causes games to be unplayable and stutter. gpu is not hot either barely 65-68c is there a way to set the throttle to a higher temp so it does not throttle so low? the laptop is the alienware r4 17 like in the video has the brand new heatsink from dell and temps are all very close on all cores. as well.

  4. Hello, great review, i have this same laptop but i need help, i dont know how to set it up for gaming? The other day i was playing fortnite with auto settings and with msi afterburner, the temp of the gpu got up to 91 degrees so i am interested in learning how to make my laptop work smooth and not killing it, would you help me?

  5. Next time please measure the AWSD keys when under gaming. Since when you play you always have your fingers on those keys for 1-3 hours or so. That is the most important part to not be to hot.

  6. I was wondering if you had any chance/time to fiddle around with the new hp omen x, if u did could u pls comment/ compare between both the hp and the aw 17 r4 or just give feedback on the hp (build quality) as the Black Friday deal will end in like 24 hours 🙁 thanks in advance

  7. The best reviewer on Youtube imo, always in depth and to the point with real life applications and tests, keep up the good work an stay awesome Steve xD. if you do not mind helping me with something, i am considering the "AW17R4-7004SLV-PUS" (the one with GTX1070 + QHD 120hz TN Display with i7 7820HK processor), however i am very reluctant about it due to all the negative things i heard about it, i read a reply of yours before that the HK processors where the main configuration facing problems with heating…etc. Care to comment on performance so far after Dell supposedly fixed things with the pads, any help would be much appreciated. Also, i am considering the "OMEN X by HP – 17-ap052nr" ( ) as an alternative in case you do not give me the green light on the AW 17. Thanks in advance.

  8. Actually, just one thing more…could you let me know if you display an all white screen, do you see any pinkish/greenish hue? I bought some Ultrasharps from Dell awhile ago that were matte IPS and returned them all because they all had that issue, esp. around the corners — it could be also due to they were 10 bit IPS panels.

  9. Thanks, this the best review I found on this laptop, esp. since you're reviewing the 1080P panel, not the QHD (seems like most reviewers reviewed the QHD, but I prefer the 1080 since I can maximize the lifespan of the 7700/1060 combo with gaming, but I play old games anyways, so it wont matter (BF 2 from 2005, Oblivion/Skyrim and occasionally GTA 5)) and it's easier on the eyes. Thanks for showing the IPS panel in the dark too. I'm going to buy this soon, coming from an old Dell Precision M4400 which still works, and will be used as a backup. I wanted another Precision, but the Quadro GPU's they offer are really poor for gaming, this laptop will be for all around stuff, programming, design, video editing and gaming. My only disappointments on paper like you mentioned is the lack of USB ports, plus why did they go with Killer rather than Intel wifi? And….I really wish it had a glossy screen, don't care for touch, but love the look of the glossy panels, actually, I have 4 Dell 2740L monitors that I love and use daily for work, going back to matte would be a downgrade 🙁

  10. nice review!, all, does this laptop throws the hot air to the sides? or just to the back? im asking because i want to buy one but dont want my mouse hand to get hot when using a mouse on the side of the laptop.
    thank you.

  11. Hey guys, just a quick question. I cant seem to find a temperature gauge on my alienware 15 r3. What safe programs are there to help check the temperature of my laptop? ive heard lots of horror stories with viruses that come along with unsafe programs.

  12. Hey , do you recommend this one with GTX1070 and TN 120 hz g sync or the last Omen 17 with GTX 1070 but IPS 120 hz sync ? Tbh I don’t know what panel would be the best for games the TN or IPS , thanks 😉

  13. Hello Sir, I bought the Alienware 17 R4 gtx 1070 Version as you suggested… But the display is 60hz with 1080p display…I cant get above 60 fps on GTA 5.. Is there anything I can do about it??

  14. I am going to buy Alienware 17 R4 GTX 1070 Version on 2nd October 😎 Thank you for your Review Sir.. I really appreciate it.. I have been confused between two Laptops, Alienware 17 R4 and MSI GE73VR RAIDER from around 1.5 months or so.. I have watched all the Videos on YouTube, but still I was confused… Now I have Confirmed to go with Alienware 17 R4… Is there any other issues that I should know about regarding the Latest Version? If so , please help me Sir😊

  15. Hi i love your video. I have a question, i bought this laptop and when a play Battlefield 4 it give me 50 to 90 fps. I set the laptop to hight performance, lastet bios and lastet nvidia drives. Do you have any idea?


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