My Laptop Desk Setup Tour 2018 (perfect, dream, minimalist, modern, mobile)

Ex-Google The TheTechLead is a perfect, dreamy, minimalist, and modern man who shows you his basic desk. I use a Macbook 15″ laptop and show you how I set up my working environment, and this might work for any laptop or desktop computer. Hope you get some ideas, and let me know if you have suggestions in the comments!


My setup trends towards more travel/mobile friendly, since traditionally I’ve been on the go a lot — that’s why I favor laptops over desktops, portable hard drives, and lack of external monitor. I love the feeling of being able to grab my tech, and booking a long trip or even spending the day at a cafe and still being productive.

Here are the items featured in the video:
BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp:
Anker 7-in-1 USB-C Hub:
(While I feature the VAVA USB-C hub in the video, and it works well mostly, I found the connections to be a bit loose. I’d recommend the Anker instead).
Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard with Numeric Keypad:
Apple Magic Keyboard:
(For Windows users, I don’t recommend using Apple keyboards due to key configurations… maybe try something from Logitech?).
Karabiner-Elements (free software to disable the built-in keyboard):
Logitech M500 Mouse:
Seagate Expansion 2TB HDD:
C2G USB 2.0 hub:
Macbook Pro 15″:
Air Pods:
Sony RX100 VI:
Leatherman Charge:
Gorilla Duct Tape:
IKEA 60″ desk:
Costco mesh chair:

rsync backup script (Please be careful with this command, as you can easily wipe your entire hard-drive. You can also exclude files using the –exclude flag.):
`rsync -avh –progress –delete SOURCE DESTINATION`

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Comment (35)

  1. ever take a RF meter to your area there? A lot of wifi and blue tooth, you may want to get rid of blue tooth. Cut down on all those radio waves to make your space more calm.

  2. How often do you upgrade your MacBook Pro? Is it the 2018 model? I have a 2016 15”” model but I’m scared of flexgate happening to me!!
    How come your selling link on amazon for it is 300 cheaper than Apple?!

  3. The main problem with your setup is that it looks like you have to bend over and look too far down to your computer, you're slouching constantly. I can't say I'm that much better, but you seem taller and I think having something that would be only a little lower than eye level would help support your back.

  4. Using rsync to backup is only okay if you are sure each thing on the primary drive is okay. If corruption is occuring, you will delete your backup. duplicati might be a better option.

  5. For me working with a laptop is really uncomfortable. First the screen is small, then your posture is not good to look into that screen and if you add on top of that the really annoying keyboards, you have to put together your wrists in a very unnatural way. At home, I connect my laptop to a wide screen and the keyboard, I love the ones that are mechanical, just the opposite of you. The laptop pad is really bad, I have a pain in my fingers, not from the rubbing, but again from posture, so a good mouse is important.
    Now, the rest of items you have, for me I do not like that, I prefer to have the desk as clean and simple as possible. Less distractions, maybe is Feng-shui for the desptop

  6. The new MacBook Pro keyboards are horrendous. They are the loudest keyboards with the least relief so I feel almost blind touch typing on them. That, in combination with the loss of real F buttons has contributed to a lot of frustration. I'll def be getting that software you use to disable it. Thanks for the tip!

  7. I've never had problems with wireless mice i only needed to replace the battery(s) every 6 months or a year. Also the ones i had came with a battery low indicator. And i always leave my mouse on.

  8. You scared me when you said that the light was the most expensive thing that you had there. Either you got you MacBook Pro for free or the light was very expensive until you gave us the price. I like that piece the best.

  9. Try the apple magic pad with the gestures on. It’s more like touch on a mobile device. Really simple gestures allow the hand to be in an relaxed natural position.

  10. LOL, I need the comfy setup, big dual monitors, ergo mouse / keyboard, kick back gaming chair, overclocked CPU for compiling HUGE solutions .
    Nice light though, something I need to work on

  11. My setup has aged like wine, that's been opened years ago, with a piece of cork inside. But it runs, does what it's supposed to do most of time, just don't push it to hard and have patience.


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