$99 Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs $999 Note 9!

The New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Clone!! Fake $90 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Real $999 Note 9. How Bad Can It Be?

Best iPhone X Clone: https://youtu.be/O0uB1jmNF4Q


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  1. seems to me you dont know shit about cellls here let me tall you something ….. that new celll its a little faster with a little more or less ram… over all you getting the same shitty cell like another with difference …. in others world if you got dum money for a new crap so bussince can selll unwanted shit to you an you buy it then there you have it .. like a camera i can get an old camera but if i have the best leds on my camera i have it made ….. its always the glass … something you dum asses are you have no evolution at all …

  2. what a arrogant fag, he starts video with talking some bullshit,wtf ,you fucken moron listen what are you talking, u r suprised,ur suprised its every fucken word you said, for worthless morons like you realy is nothing, you just use resources and leave trash,go suck some dicks and die of aids

  3. Question for Clone makers: Why????! $99 is way more from fishy! I went to city yesterday and found Galaxy S10 clone! Price tag of MYR200 (malaysian currency/ $1=MYR4) Not only S10…. THERE ARE NO ORIGINAL PHONES FROM ALL BRANDS IN THE GLASS CASE!!! WELCOME TO CLONE LANE!

  4. I meaaannnnn… i would buy it. I'm aware that it will not have the same capabilities as a Samsung but for 100$? Not all can afford a 1000$ phone. So… where can I buy this?


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